Analogplanet’s “George Martin, Keith Emerson and Nana Vasconcelos Tribute Show Now Available For Streaming Here or on the Website

Greats continue to die and analogplanet radio continues to pay tribute, though we’d prefer that these ongoing passings stop!

Last week we lost George Martin and then came news that The Nice and ELP keyboard great Keith Emerson had committed suicide. How sad.

Then we heard that percussion great Nana Vasconcelos, who often played with Pat Metheny, though he also played on The Talking Heads and Paul Simon albums, also passed away, he of lung cancer.

We pay tribute then, to all three, mostly to George Martin though, for obvious reasons. We could devote many shows and not cover all of Martin’s accomplishments.

So while we’d planned two hours of Martin, we made some room for the well deserving others. I think this may be the best analogplanet radio show yet.

(one channel is missing for a short time before the music starts)

Goldfinger (vocal)
Goldfinger (instrumental)
Gerry and the Pacemakers: I Like It
Cilia Black: Love of the Loved
Gerry and the Pacemakers: Ferry Cross the Mersey
The Fourmost: I’m in Love
Peter and Gordon: From a Window
Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas: Bad to Me
Gerry and the Pacemakers: Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying
Peter Sellers Bridge Over the River Wye
Peter Sellers: Wouldn’t It Be Loverly
Matt Monro: From Russia With Love
Paul McCartney and Wings: Live and Let Die
George Martin: Bond Meets Solitaire
George Martin: Pepperland
Jeff Beck: Freeway Jam
Jeff Beck: Head for Backstage Pass
Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder: Ebony and Ivory
Celine Dion: Here There and Everywhere
The Beatles: In My Life
The Nice: Little Arabella
The Nice: Azrael-Hang On To a Dream
Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays: Ozark
The Beatles: All You Need Is Love (Love remix)
George Martin: Pepperland Suite

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I think the track you were looking for on Nut 18 was "Nobody I Know", the track before it was BJ Kramer's "From A Window".

If you had a request line, I would have thrown in "The Game", composed (lyrics too) by George Martin and performed by Mary Hopkin (on Postcard).

The Nice track I play all the time is "America" (from West Side Story). The mono single version of "Azrael" is a completely different performance, and has a terrifically punchy mix, so I recommend it to anyone predisposed.

I sure did enjoy the show yesterday!

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Thanks for doing the show in tribute to the recent losses of some more great ones. (I still have trouble wrapping my head around using such sentiments in the multi-plural, when the mono is hard enough). It seems like we've gone from one at a time in fairly rapid succession to a few at once. A bit much if you ask me. Thank goodness we can keep their memories alive with their music even though loss is still sad.
I would have liked to have heard at least one of Nana's works with the Talking Heads perhaps and perhaps a couple of Keith Emerson's best works with ELP in place of Celine Dion, the instrumental Goldfinger and one of the McCartney tunes.
It's hard though with a limited time radio show, I know. George Martin was such a brilliant genius and Keith Emerson had more talent in his little finger than most of us have in our whole bodies and on and on, it's hard to fit everything into the time allotted. Many a times I've programmed a show only to discover that hind-sight is better than 20/20 thinking "oh, I should have played this or that instead of such and such and so on.

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I sure enjoyed the sound of Peter's turntable. Not quite your reference, but no where near it's price either.

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Hi Michael,

I watched a documentary on BBC TV and something he said resonated with me. You talking about him being old reminded me of it.He said...

If you are lucky, you get to be old!

Isn't that a wonderful view of life!

James, Dublin, Ireland

PS: Listen to the show LIVE! every Monday and enjoy every minute

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You look like you're reading a bedtime story from the MoFi first Costello album, under the watchful eye of Laura Nyro!

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A beautiful work, "Goodbye", Nana Vasconcelos sings this w/the Pat Metheny Group. This cut is live and mesmerizing. Vasconcelos joined the PMG for this tour, and it's probably my favorite PMG tour.

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Perhaps more representative of his work might have been a duet with Egberto Gismonti or the Codona trio with the great Don Cherry and Colin Walcott; the first Codona album has a wonderful Ornette Coleman/Stevie Wonder medley -- not many groups attempt that! They were also magical the one occasion I saw them live.

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Michael, thanks for the great George Martin Tribute Show I enjoyed it very much. It's amazing how good the Gerry and the Pacemakers songs sound! Now I'll be on a mission to find them on vinyl. I hope you can move away from tribute shows soon, we've had too many lately! How about a Spring themed show? Lots of classical pieces and american songbook songs to choose from, the rock and pop Spring themes may be harder to identify (Dusty SPRINGfield and Here Comes the Sun pop to mind). Thanks again for a great show!

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Thinking about next show theme now..
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Until a few weeks ago I could download one AIFF-C file from soundclound and save on my NAS to listen through my Naim streamer. It's not possible anymore.

Therefore I've downloaded SOUNDCLOUD to my IPAD in order to stream your broadcast through

However If I connect my Ipad to my streamer, it doesn't work Is there anybody who could help me ?

Or no solution at all ?? Thanks beforehand

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As for this problem, I'm also sorry I can't make these shows available for downloading. I got in trouble for one that contained Beatles songs but the others seem to have caused no problems.
BENEDICT's picture

Hi Michael

Thank you for replying

Be sure I keep on enjoying those downloaded and remain connected with analog

Best regards


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Great pic!

It tells a story, is well composed, and I even like the color levels!

It says we are in someone's realm who loves what he is doing and is inviting the viewer along.

I bet most of us can relate to the 'picturesque disarray!'