Analogplanet Radio’s "Prince Tribute Show" Now Streaming

Prince gone at 57? Who would have thought? There was just enough time to put together this mostly vinyl-sourced show, paying tribute to the one-of-a-kind Prince (image is of wall outside First Avenue club).

Ironically, I was in Minneapolis visiting Audio Research on the day Prince died. My host stopped in front of First Avenue, the downtown club where Prince first achieved recognition and where much of the movie “Purple Rain” was filmed, and suggested I hustle across the street and snap a selfie.

“Nah” I said, “why bother?”

So here’s the set list for today’s radio show, and yes I did actually play “Sexy M.F.” on the radio, but I reversed the naughty word every time and it worked well! (note: a few seconds of the left channel on the opening track went missing in the ‘perfect’ digital world):

Let’s Go Crazy
When You Were Mine
Cyndi Lauper When You Were Mine
My Name is Prince
U got the Look
Raspberry Beret
Party Man
Purple Medley
Batdance 12”
Little Red Corvette
Bangles Manic Monday
Prince and Sheryl Crow Baby Knows
I would Die 4 U
Sexy M.F.
When Doves Cry
Sinead O’Connor Nothing Compares to U
Thieves in the Temple
Alphabet Street
Around the World in a day
Purple Rain

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on the opening track go missing, or was it the right channel signal that went AWOL? On my system, it's the right channel that's dead up until about 0:01:48.

I confirmed that the channels are correct on my equipment using the test signals here:

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The right channel is indeed missing for the first 1:48 or so.

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I'm from Minneapolis and live in Minneapolis. The Prince phenonom occurred slightly after my formative musical heroes ((Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones, YES and my other progressive loves), and I always felt compelled to defend the bands I grew up with when people compared him to my favorites. Age, and a look back at my narrow mindedness, make me realize how wrong I was. We have many great bands from my great state, but only 2 musical legends. Prince deserves the label of legend alongside Bob Dylan.

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I'll hear this tomorrow. I had to first listen to the late (i.e. 2nd set) of Prince's last concert date from the 14th in Atlanta. It's a mono "AUD" (audience-perspective bootleg) publicly published on Soundcloud. Not a pro recording by any means. More an artifact than anything else.

(I'd post a link but it's now gone. It was up for a few days.)

But just before that happened, on a lark I decided to see if one of the "Soundcloud download" sites could parse the audio track and deliver it. I got a 24-bit, 44.1k MP3. Don't ask me why or how it's 24-bit. About 88MB, 90 minutes. At any rate I'm sure it'll pop up again, as will many other boots.

I can confirm the reports about him being in fine, powerful voice, sweet falsetto and high notes intact, and delightful piano playing are true. Doubly sorry I missed the show, and so many others.

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Can't wait to listen to the show. A little different than my list would be, but a great variety. I guess I was a little bit of a late music bloomer, because it was listening to Prince(on a Sony Walkman) on the way to travel baseball games for hours on end that first made me passionate about music. I was fortunate enough to see him live a couple of times. Always thought I would have the opportunity again. RIP Prince.

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I am a very big Prince fan, have been since 1984 and Purple Rain. I have never stopped even when his output wasn't what I would classify as great, it was still better than most other stuff that was out.

This year has been a very depressing year for music as I have lost 2 of my top favorite artists of all times (Bowie being the other).

It took me a couple of days before I could even listen to any music let alone Prince music I was in such shock and couldn't get myself to listen to anything but silence. This coming from someone who has to have music going all the time even if it is just in the background.

I feel privileged to have lived during the same time as these two icons who transcend music and to see them perform live, oh what an amazing experience. I feel they may some day be put in the same stratosphere as people like Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky etc.

A sad time but definitely time to celebrate Prince's greatness.

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Why does "Let's Go Crazy" end abruptly followed by a second of silence and then "When You Were Mine?"

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ends in a segueway so I abruptly cut it off at the point where it changes...but when I was playing it during the show I forgot!
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The 12" single would have worked--no segue. ;) Cool version due to it being the extended version used to open the film. No way you could have played the flip side "Erotic City," as it's more of a challenge to air than "Sexy M.F."!

Thanks for the tribute. Even though I didn't really want to see (hear) a tribute of this sort for another 25-30 years... *sigh* It's hit Detroit hard also--he had a big following here also, way back to the early days.