Analogplanet Radio's "Eric Clapton Tribute" Show Now Available For Streaming Here and on

Today’s Analogplanet WFDU HD/ Radio Show is an Eric Clapton tribute. Of course all from vinyl, mostly original pressings. It starts with a track from his latest album and then goes back to the beginning with a track from Five Live Yardbirds.

After a few assorted Yardbird tracks taken from a double Epic reissue and “For Your Love”, his final recording for The Yardbirds after which he quit the group, are three songs from Blues Breakers John Mayall With Eric Clapton. The first track is from a stereo reissue produced by Decca for Vivante Productions in the 1990s. The second is a Mobile Fidelity stereo reissue produced back when Mo-Fi was pressing in Japan. The third is a Sundazed mono reissue sourced from the original mono tape.

The rest are as indicated. I think this is a musically great show, though not long enough to cover all bases. A part two will be forthcoming.

I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine (I Still Do)
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (original UK Columbia)
I Wish You Would (Epic twofer)
I Ain’t Got You (Epic twofer)
For Your Love (EMI UK compilation)
Out of Water Coast (Mercury)
All Your Love (Decca/Vivante stereo)
Double Crossing Time (Decca/Mo-Fi stereo)
Have You Heard (Sundazed mono)
I Feel Free (Atco original)
NSU (Reaction UK original)
Anyone For Tennis (Polydor single)
I’m So Glad (Reaction mono UK original)
Strange Brew (Reaction UK original)
Tales of Brave Ulysses (Reaction UK mono original)
SWLABR (Reaction Abbey Road ½ speed mono reissue)
White Room (Atco original)
Born Under A Bad Sign (Atco original)
Badge (UK Polydor original)
Can’t Find My Way Home (UK Polydor original)
Presence of Lord (UK Polydor original)
After Midnight (“RL” Polydor American “twofer”)
Any Day (DirectDisk/Atco ½ speed reissue)
Cocaine (live) (Eagle Rock Clapton at 70 Royal Albert Hall)
I Will Be There (I Still Do)

Bob Levin's picture

It made this little ol' vinyl hoarder kvell.

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Hello Michael, I've never been much of a fan of Cream or Eric Clapton, but you managed to put together such a compelling blend of music (along with your inimitable banter) that I'm currently obsessed with seeking out as many of the records played on the show as I can. Excellent, excellent stuff, and thank you for opening up an entire new world for me.

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what more can I say?
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Michael nice tribute to Eric Clapton and your voice hasn't changed much since the New England Music City ads in the early 70's

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What more can I say?
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Mike, thx for posting this it was great listening. Thx again for taking the time to talk at the Crosswords show in Salina Ks a few years ago

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Love to do that again..
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and I am no EC fanatic. However, probably missing out and will correct that!