Got Beatles If You Want It!

Due to popular demand, we've started a new "Beatles" site listing.

What does "popular demand" mean? It means that well in excess of 13,000 people have already viewed the Beatles box opening video, which makes it the most popular story posted so far on this site.

Under "reviews" above, under "music" you'll see a new Beatles category. Click on it and you'll get everything Beatles-related (or mostly everything) ever published here or on, including an interview with George Martin, all of the stereo and mono box reviews, etc.

We probably missed a few but as they are found, they too will end up in this category. Enjoy! (or not!)

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The Beatles are now their own "Cult of Personality."

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Never enough Beaatles !!!!

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I got really burned out on the Beatles a couple decades ago. Listened to them all of the time. I recently picked up a few of the mono records and it has renewed my interest. The Beatles CDs I have are old. I listened to them on vinyl in the 70s - 80s, but my stereo wasn't as nice. These new mono vinyl versions are so much better. Fun to listen to them now in such high quality.

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I really like the Beatles section, but it is missing a few things:

1. All the stereo LP reviews from 2012
2. The CD box reviews from 2009
3. The article on how to find variations of the White Album

I'll probably think of more.

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Yes I know some things are missing but I wanted to get it started. If you can find those stories and post the URLs here, that would speed up the process :-)
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Thanks for the link mpego and thanks Michael for writing that article. I was just able to learn more about my four UK originals. I seemed to remember seeing the part on the stamper info awhile back but I never would have found it! Thanks again.

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Given their influence, they deserve their own category.

BTW, I really enjoyed your excellent reviews of each of the mono albums. I have the Parlophone Blue Box and the MoFi box set as well as a few low stamper pressings of individual albums and the new mono releases are better than anything I own.

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Now that the mono reissue project has been shown to be a great success it would be nice to finish the reissue project by doing the same thing with Let It Be and Abbey Road using the original analog tapes. I know that these two were redone in 2012, but the finished products were not received with a lot of enthusiasm.

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Michael: Any rumblings of Let It Be and Abbey Road AAA to encore the mono set?

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Not that I've heard. I think 2019, which would be the 50th anniversary would provide a good excuse for doing it....
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Someone posted awhile back the idea of starting full AAA stereo 50th Anniversary issues with Help and Rubber Soul and continue from there. That would be perfect.

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A Triple A list of all known AAA vinyl releases would be better. Where is the Led Zeppelin III review? I mean Beatles are OK but Zeppelin is better.

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More Zeppelin reviews.

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for reissuing Help! and Rubber Soul on AAA vinyl in their original stereo mixes. Same goes for Abbey Road and Let It Be. Come on Abbey Road studios, show us what you can do with these titles just like what you did with the mono LP's. We're ready for another grand slam right out of the ballpark. Beatles rule!

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has anyone tried this product?

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hello Michael and all...a topic I'd like to see as a heading would be for musicians (an non of course) who have Beatle Music knowledge (lyrics and unique use thereof, chords and their voicings, beats, harmonic structure, melody, song form, singin, personalities) to us insights under one roof as to their approach of making some of the best music we've ever heard! I can talk their music all day long and in fact use them as my main artists when teaching popular music. Let's get inside THE BEATLES!

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For the most part I know the guitar and bass lines to most of the Beatles canon. There are some of course where the production means so much to any given song,that it would be moot to discuss that in terms of how to play any given part,leave that to the engineers. I have collected all the UK Beatles mono and stereo since 1963 and still have a few left I have not sold off. One album in particular is great for arranging and that is the first UK pressing stereo Rubber Soul. There is no center,everything panned hard left and hard right. Most people hate it and indeed GM remixed it later on. You can hear exactly what is going on instrumentally and vocally,with little bleeding. As I am new to the site,I don't have a clue as to what bureaucracy one would have to go through to get something started. Its always best in the nascent period,before people start to have very strong different opinions.

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According to the Acoustic Sounds website, the upcoming reissues of teh Red and Blue albums will be cut from analog masters, and pressed at QRP.

Any confirmation of this?