Grand Prix Audio Parabolica Direct Drive Turntable Debuts at LAAS 2017

The sleek new Grand Prix Audio Parabolica direct drive turntable made its debut at the just ended Los Angeles Audio Show 2017 (shown here with TriPlanar arm and Lyra Etna cartridge).

Alvin Lloyd's new direct drive design is a self-contained unit that incorporates the electronic drive system within the platter-sized chassis. Removable arm platforms make easy swapping arms. Removing a small slotted screw on the platter surface gains access to the arm platform securing bolt. The new Parabolica costs $16,000.

Minn Mark's picture

Wow. Half the price (or so) of the VPI DD. Any chance we'll see a comparison from your golden ears Mikey? Head to head would be great, but something versus your recollections the VPI compared to this new TT would work just fine.



BillK's picture

It's a new day for direct drive tables; I still wonder what Mat at VPI could do with the new SL-1200's motor.