High End Munich 2024 Preview: Origin Live Demo System and Renown Tonearm

Origin Live has given the green light to discuss their plans for what they’ll be showing at High End Munich 2024, and we’re more than happy to share what’s what with the internationally renowned — pun intended (and you’ll soon enough see why) — turntable and tonearm company.

At High End Munich — which will be held this year from May 9-12, 2024 — Origin Live has confirmed that they will be exhibiting (and, naturally, demo’ing) a number of their turntables and tonearms in conjunction with German Distributors High Fidelity Studio in Rooms A 4.1, F126/F127.


More specifically, that High Fidelity Studio system will include the Origin Live Conqueror tonearm mounted on the Origin Live Sovereign-S turntable. According to the company’s official press materials regarding this show-ready system, “with its ultra-low friction bearing (ask for a demo if you want to see a platter spinning for three minutes with no drive), its high-mass sandwich plinth, decoupled belt drive, and its multi-layer platter, this is a great representation of the company's design ethos. The Sovereign-S [seen above] and Conqueror [seen below] will play alongside a static display of three other OL decks.”


Note: Anyone reading this post who plans on attending High End Munich this year should feel free to check this system out firsthand — and report back to us accordingly! (We’ll have our own eyes and ears there at the show, of course — but we want to hear from you as well.)

High End Munich 2024 will also, according to Origin Live, bear witness to “the first sighting in Europe of the Renown,” the company’s “ultimate expression of the tonearm,” as seen below (and at various others angles, as you continue to scroll down).


Origin Live is said to have “pushed their tonearm design philosophy to the extreme” in terms of the Renown tonearm’s extended, hollowed yoke and bearing assembly, as well as in the material composition and coatings of the arm tube. Familiar Origin Live arm elements are also present here, including the dual pivot bearing, inner/outer pillar VTA flywheel, and falling weight side bias, as well as a newer addition also available on their Agile tonearm — namely, the asymmetric multi-layer counterweight.


Said multi-layer counterweight is said to employ (naturally) multiple layers along its flat planes in order to, according to the company, reduce resonances through vibrational interference. Origin Live adds that similar design concepts were used with their own turntables’ multi-layer platters and their Strata multi-layer platter mat, the latter of which we reported on here, back in February 2024.


Finally, the SRP for the Origin Live Renown tonearm is given as, quote, “£26,000 worldwide.”

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nomonof553's picture

Killeen can't wait to experience the Conqueror tonearm on the Sovereign-S turntable at High End Munich 2024.

Derek Romaguera's picture

The High End Munich 2024 demo is complete and through the launch on May 12, they had a very successful demo launch. Hopefully in the near future we will see a finished product like Slope.