Analogplanet Radio’s Second “Off the Shelf” WFDU HD2 Radio Show Now Available For Streaming Here and on editor Michael Fremer returned home yesterday from Japan and had planned to run an old show today, but somehow that didn’t seem right.

So he stayed up and produced a new show using another assortment of records that had fallen off a broken and thirty year old) IKEA IVAR shelf upright.

The music was pulled from a section of records without looking at the selections, except for a selection from Belly’s King album that a reader had spied on the shelf in the photo published last week.

All songs were digitized using Audio-Technica’s new ART1000 phono cartridge.

Here’s the set list (show begins after forty second delay):

Count Basie Orchestra: Days of Wine and Roses
Ken Nordine: All of You
Tony Bennett: How Do You Keep the Music Playing?
Joanna Brackeen: Fi-Fi Goes to Heaven
Jose Feliciano: California Dreaming
The Monkees: Pleasant Valley Sunday
Allan Clarke: Blinded by the Light
F..k: F..k Motel
Belly: Puberty
Rosebud: Panama
Mike Douglas: The Men in My Little Girl’s Life
Chick Corea: Song For Sally
Bobby Matos: Columbia Interlude
Julie Cruise: Falling
Keith Jarrett: Hymn
White Hassle: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Boxhead Ensemble: The Last Place to Go
The Sneetches: Only For a Moment
Johnny Ray: Cray
Cibo Matto: Know Your Chicken
Ultra Vivid Scene: Staring at the Sun
Steve Coleman and Five Elements: Destination
Jimmy Smith: This Guy’s In Love With You

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I didn't know whether to laugh or throw up when I heard it, thanks for sharing!

Michael Fremer's picture
I did both!
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Michael, you have given me a great idea after listening to your last two shows 'off the shelf'. I am going to create a shelf all of its own for stuff I have listened to rarely or not at all!

This way I will get through all the stuff I haven't paid any attention to. I would say the reason the last two shows were popular because all of 'us headcases' can relate to it.

Really enjoying listening to each Monday show live between 5-7p!

James, Dublin, Ireland

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Ken Nordine is so bad, he's good...If you like Bad/Good lounge music, you have to hear Dick Hyman's - The Man from O.R.G.A.N. ..a Top 10 Lounge classic to me. You Tube it for real listening pleasure.

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And speaking of Count Basie, check out Basie Meets Bond on United Artists from 1966....It's cheesy...and I love it

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Sounds very tight and sharp with the timing, in regards to attack and decay I guess. If I'm using proper audiophile terminology. That is what most would expect from the placement of the coils imo.
And of course digs out the detail big time.

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The soundstage seems very good with placement, also to be expected probably with placement of the coils.