AnalogPlanet Radio Shows Now All Accessible Under One "Roof"

Analogplanet Radio was introduced here a year ago today. Now on the first anniversary of that announcement all of the WFMU HD Radio shows can be accessed in one place on the Analogplanet website.

You can find "Analogplanet Radio" under the "Music" category at the top of the home page. May I suggest the Samba Show as a good accompaniment to the Rio Olympics?

Hard to believe, but when the idea of putting all of the shows within its own category occurred to me yesterday, I had no idea today was the one year anniversary of the show's introductory announcement on this website!

Everything played is sourced from vinyl. If you want to hear the new Audio Technica ART1000 phono cartridge, listen to the "New Stuff" show. You will also hear mostly new releases. So you can use the show as a "listening booth" for new vinyl purchases.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy producing and hosting the show!

OldschoolE's picture

This is good news indeed! Thank you for doing that!

Brother John's picture

Love your show and everything you do to positively promote our love of music and high-end analog playback to future generations.

"Keep On Rocking' In The Free World!"

Wimbo's picture

What year was that photo taken?

PeterPani's picture

It's the first anniversary of his radio show. Therefore, that photo should be from last year.

Michael Fremer's picture
In 1964 in the basement of Cornell's Willard Straight Hall at WVBR's studios. I was on the AM station, which broadcast on a carrier current to the freshman dorms, which was not entirely appropriate since my humor then and now is best described as 'sophomoric'!
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He's a lot younger then I thought.
Here's me thinking he was in his 60's.

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At the moment youngsters are going to buy vinyl a lot. Michael seems to be one of them.

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And you haven't changed a bit! ;)

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The link to the shows doesn't show up on the mobile site on my phone. It does when I switch to desktop.

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... WFMU?