At AXPONA 2017 Two Phono Preamp Designers Show Their Newest Designs

At AXPONA 2017 Channel D's Rob Robinson demoed his brand new Seta L20 phono preamp, a costly "no holds barred" design (upwards of $50,000, price TBD) while Sutherland Audio's Ron Sutherland shows us his new under $1000 KC Vibe as well as his far more costly 4 chassis design.

RR's picture

Thinking out loud: first order low pass filter starting at 20,000,000Hz will have 0 degree phase shift up to 200,000Hz. WOW! Beautiful!

I wonder if 20,000,000Hz-bandwidth-amplifier will have 0 degree phase shift up to 200,000Hz...
I wonder... I wonder... I wonder...

Anton D's picture

There is a zen-like feel to a good looking chassis layout.

(Not to sound all herb Reichert-y.)

My laziness is such that internal jumpers for loading/capacitance render that feature non-existent. I'm a know touch guy, I guess!

Both of those pieces look lovely.