Cool Cleveland Interviews AnalogPlanet Editor Michael Fremer

Day one at AXPONA 2017 has come and gone. The show was reasonably well-attended for a Friday, which usually draws retirees, the independently wealthy, vacationers and people calling into work sick.

The worst moment of the day for me was when a woman in an elevator asked me if I'd ever been told that i looked "just like Barry Manilow". I told her "NO!"

Ten minutes before my first turntable set-up seminar Cool Cleveland's Thomas Mulready questioned me about records, audio reviewing and some other stuff.

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It seemed a little busier this Friday than it was last year. But like last year, it thins out later in the afternoon. Even today (Saturday), some of the hallways were nearly empty by the time 5pm rolled around.

Nice chatting with you for 30 seconds this morning on the 12th floor. I hope you got to hear the DS Audio cart. My thoughts? In a word..."Wow!" That is one of the cleanest sounding carts I've ever heard, and it tracked beautifully (thanks to very low moving mass). Too bad it costs more than my entire system...

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must be the spikey hair and eye color...
all you need is the name tag

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Not so much - but for Barry Alan Pincus he could be a dead ringer.

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Re your comments on digital, I was wondering if you have listened to any of Schiit Audio's multibit DACs

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Well now that you guys are both alte kakers... Yeah... there's a likeness! So kidding...

I loved that interview! Great advice on listening to unfamiilar recordings.