Bill Evans Live at Ronnie Scott's Previously Unreleased Coming on Double LP From Resonance For RSD Black Friday Nov.27th

Resonance will release for RSD "Black Friday" as a double LP set this previously unreleased recording of Evans' short-lived 1968 trio with bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Jack DeJohnette. The 20 track package will include an overview essay by veteran critic Brian Priestley, new Interviews with Gomez, DeJohnette, pianist Chick Corea, and Evans’ good friend Chevy Chase, and a one-of-a kind album cover drawing by legendary artist David Stone Martin.

The tape came from Jack DeJohnette's personal archives. The press release provided no mastering or pressing information.

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for this info! No idea why I couldn’t find it in those RSD lists.

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the RSD black friday list hasn't been announced yet. only the RSD drops of things that were originally supposed to drop in april.

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Record Store Day - obviously this is a business decision - it would be better if they would stamp these up on colored vinyl and release a black vinyl version a week or two later, on Amazon or wherever, for those of us whose local records shops (if they even exist) don't stock highly desirable records such as this.

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There are too many releases that would sell well that never see another release(17-11-70 expanded by Elton John hasn't seen a general release if I'm not mistaken),obviously there are many more. Anyway my last RSD experience was Black Friday level mayhem and nothing on my list available. So screw it, it was a neat marketing tool early on but now it's just manufactured scarcity and dissappointed customers. BTW I got the EJ album on Discogs a few days later sealed at regular price. I highly recommend it if you like the single lp version. If you go this year hope you have fun and get everything on your list. Cheers!

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May we assume that you'll post any provenance info that comes your way? Thanks!

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Resonance also releasing for Nov RSD Rollins recordings from 1967, just before Sonny took a second "sabbatical" in 1969. There are no studio recordings of him from this period -- and Rollins's live excursions could go anywhere -- so for me much more exciting than yet another Evans trio set.

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I believe Sonny turns 90 today. It's hard to imagine that in 2020 a guy who played with Bird, Monk, Miles, Coltrane, Bud Powell and so many others is still on the good side of the soil. Let's hope he sticks around a while longer.

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Yeah, noticed after post that it's Sonny's b-day today! Sad he's no longer able to play his horn but some recent interviews with him have been fascinating.

Aside from Rollins very few survivors who played with Bird: Roy Haynes, Dick Hyman and Barry Harris come to mind. Sheila Jordan was friendly with Bird but don't think she ever played with him. Nor did other greats still with us like Lou Donaldson, Benny Golson or Kenny Burrell to the best of my knowledge.

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From Thomas Cunniffe article on Jazz History Online and 68 Bill Evans Trio:
'...During the month-long residency at Ronnie Scott’s, DeJohnette recorded a few sets with a microphone placed inside the piano. He told me that the tapes have bad balance: lots of drums and piano, but hardly any bass...'
I'd be excited to own this on vinyl as I have and enjoy 'Some Other Time' recorded by the same trio prior to stretching out for a month at Ronnie Scott's. But will pass if the above sound source of one mike in piano turns out to be the case.

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...but was there ever a good sounding Resonance set? It’s for the music..I don’t expect much from their recording’s sound quality anymore. I think it’s simply because nearly all those rediscovered sessions haven’t been recorded with the care of the major sessions. And the the digital transfer adds to it (even if it is for sure not the major cause)

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I checked Resonance's website and it does not say. Reference

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This is probably the worst sound of an „audiophile“ pressing since the Art d‘Lugoff sessions.