Blue Note Announces Round Trip: Ornette Coleman On Blue Note : First Ever "Tone Poet" Vinyl Box Set

Coming January 28th: a 6 LP all-analog 180g "Tone Poet"vinyl box set containing all six 1960s Blue Note Ornette Coleman albums including his five as a leader (the two volume At The 'Golden Circle' Stockholm (1965), The Empty Foxhole (1966), New York Is Now! (1968), and Love Call (1968)—as well as Coleman's lone sideman appearances on saxophonist Jackie McLean's New And Old Gospel (1967).

"Tone Poet" Joe Harley produced, Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio mastered directly from the analog master tapes, RTI pressed and Stoughton produced the "Old Style" Tip-on jackets presented in a hardcover slipcase. Critic Thomas Conrad provided the annotation in a booklet also featuring rare photos.

And there you have it!

Jazz listener's picture

Any word on the price?

Tables and Tubes's picture

It's on Amazon for pre-order at $230.
Being that I already own three of the included
titles, I may be skipping this one.


Analog Scott's picture

than when you buy indvidual Tone Poet records.

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It's almost the double of the Craft Chet box set !

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which makes all the difference.

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The Chet box set by Craft was pressed at RTI, not GZ ! Also mastered by K Gray and tip on jacket by Stoughton.
There's no difference at all, but the price !

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with VMP.

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The package looks really nice. I heard one track streaming and I think it really sounds good for what it is. I will pick this one up. I'm also thinking Blue Note will do something special for Coltranes Blue Train as well.

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will check that out

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..Art Blakey

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I own all the Tone Poet reissues and by circumstance, duplicates of many, and while I'm cool with this box set, my credit card hates it.

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I put in a massive order with Blue Note Records....about a month ago. It was supposed to ship...two weeks ago. When I sent them an email pointing out that the order had not shipped they said they would look into it. That was a week ago. Still has not shipped and no word from Blue Note. That is what I call crappy customer service.