Cable Manufacturer Morrow Audio Hopes to Attract Young Music Lovers With Used Records!

Cable manufacturer Morrow Audio recently opened a used record store on a busy Florence, Kentucky highway. 30,000 cars pass the store daily.

According to Mike Morrow, "Records are a hot commodity right now among young people. The age range of those purchasing the most records are between 20 and 35. What we did was open a used record store (as well as move our cable production there) to 6608 Dixie Highway, Florence, KY 41042".

The store also includes a free coffee lounge as well as a record listening room with private booths so customers can listen before buying. In addition, the store features display cases filled with affordable tube gear priced from $500 and reasonably priced turntables and accessories, plus a line of Legacy speakers aimed at this demographic.

This sounds like a great idea to me! But I wouldn't be surprised to find grizzled vinyl vets among the customers!

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Mike Morrow is a stand-up guy who obviously also has good taste. I realize this got posted by you Mikey because of the vinyl aspect only but I want to say sumthin about the main biz. For years I saw the cable ads and figured I had the company/product pegged based upon my perception of the advertising. Aggressive ads of new product on a well known forum devoted to used equipment sales did not help. But I had a hum problem with my Thorens TD124 and VPI Prime going into my Manley Steelhead (see, it comes back to the subject of vinyl a bit) and read that Morrow's phono cables are heavily shielded. I tried two pair of phono cables. I am NOT shilling so I won't specify which version/price-point, but from there I expanded to IC's as well. We have all heard it a million times-"I have had lots of expensive cables in my system like blah blah blah" and then tales of superior sound for less. I am not going to say that but these are good cables! The rest of my rig is very expensive stuff even by Mikey's standards! So, this is good stuff by a good Company.

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A great idea.

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i love walking into the vinyl stores when out of town. i wonder what their pricing is like? a listening booth, nice touch! i hated looking at the vinyl condition under bad lighting at most other stores. this one looks real nice! was mikey in the store and what did he buy..."records, more used records" lol

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Good news although sometimes I wonder what the heck year this is! Hope this "fad" keeps going!

Just recently bought the Coltrane mono LP box and found that three of those records aren't present because the masters were destroyed. The booklet reads "Unfortunately the mono masters of three albums...were lost in a fire and have yet to be replaced." That could be interpreted to mean that the session tapes still exist and new mono masters COULD be produced. Make sense?

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I know we live in a world where almost everything everyone does is scrutinized, but the usage of the words "Lure" and "The Kids" is grossly inappropriate in my view, and deserves scrutiny. I don't consider this to be an appropriate "hook" in order to get the people that peruse this website to read this article. As I understand it, this didn't come from Morrow Audio, but rather the author as mentioned at the top of the article.

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Love the idea of the store but not a fan of the cables. Bought a pair during a promotional push and the white paper on these things is ridiculous. 400 hours recommended break-in, and if you happen to move the cable at all it apparently upsets their delicate disposition and they require two full days of settling down before they're normal again. Neither of those scenarios is acceptable. Halfway through the break-in, one of the L-R indicators peeled off all by itself even though I hadn't touched them because the whole process would have started over.

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I wish them great success.

My teenage fantasy was to own a record/used Hi Fi/wine/charcuterie/cheese complex where people could wander around, chat, and be 'connoisseurs' of stuff.

At the time, I worked at a record store with an attached head shop and lived in the attic of the store, so it wasn't too far fetched.

Maybe once I hit the damned lotto....