Coming Soon! Full Evaluation of Jolida's FOZ XT-R Crosstalk Reducer

Coming up shortly on AnalogPlanet will be a full evaluation of Jim Fosgate's electronic azimuth setting/crosstalk reduction FOZ XT-R!

You can set azimuth manually on many tone arms. The best way is to use a good test record like Analogue Productions' "Ultimate Analogue Test LP" and either a digital oscilloscope, or Dr. Feickert's Adjust+ software, or Mr. Fosgate's Fozgometer.

This device promises to electronically correct crosstalk errors without your having to make any physical adjustments to your arm. The real benefit of course is on arms that don't allow azimuth adjustment. Now for those arms, you can "adjust azimuth".

The questions to be answered are: Does it work? How well does it work compared to physically setting azimuth (assuming the arm in question allows for such an adjustment)? And does inserting the device between your phono preamplifier and preamplifier (or integrated amplifier) produce sonic degradation?

AnalogPlanet will soon provide have the answers to those questions.

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Sorry, couldn't resist the joke. :)

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Very much looking forward to this review.

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Those of us with SME IV's, this could be a good alternative. Whether or not it can substitute the need to physically adjust the tonearm remains to be seen, but even if it comes closer to the optimum azimuth setting then I would judge this a success. Can't wait.

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What's the cost?

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There is a video for the device on the Jolida website. I think they said something in the 300ish range.

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I honestly expected to see dealers flooded with open-box/demo specials of these from customers returning but surprisingly that has not been the case so either they work well or they are not selling, I hope it's the first option. I'd also like to know if they can compensate for cartridges with unequal channel output as I've come across many that one channel is stronger than the other.

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Ok Mikie just waiting for this honest to goodness straight to the point review.

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