dCS Expands "Legends" Award Program to Additional Grammy-Winning Engineers

dCS (Data Conversion Systems, Ltd.) announced earlier this month an expansion of its "Legends" program that acknowledges recording, mixing and mastering greats who have brought all of us so much listening pleasure through great recorded sound. The initial recipient, Bob Ludwig (third from the left after engineering greats Elliot Scheiner and Chuck Ainlay) was the first recipient at an awards ceremony in New York last October.

Other recipients include Al Schmitt, Frank Filipetti, James Guthrie, Tony Faulkner, Leslie Ann Jones, George Massenburg, John Newton, Scheiner, Ainlay, Mark Wilder and the late, much beloved Ed Cherney, in whose honor dCS contributed to the COVID-19 Relief Fund established by the Recording Academy and MusiCares®. Each recipient receives a limited-edition version of dCS's Bartók Digital to Analog converter. For more information please visit the dCS Legends website. Everyone reading this should be able to sight-identify all of the greats shown in the picture!