Hong Kong High End Audio/Video Show Day 2

More coverage of the 15th annual Hong Kong show, this time emphasizing the 2nd and 4th floor rooms, though there's a revisit of the main conventional floor.

One significant debut: dCS's Vivaldi One, a 30th anniversary limited edition "one box" SACD player, DSD DAC, streaming audio device that combines in a single large chassis all that dCS knows how to do . The only upgrade is the outboard clock also available as an option with the standard 3 box Vivaldi (DAC, SACD transport, upsampler).

This new unit is a limited edition. If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it. Not sure of the cost in the United States. (Photo is of gold finish version, a limited edition of a limited edition).

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...sucks! After being one of the earliest adopters, they have taken a thing of simplicity and ease and ruined it, along with my digital collection. Last year I deleted it from everything and stream all of my own music, remotely through a program called PLEX. With either a huge or unlimited phone data plan it allows you to control your own, owned music yourself, no need for someone else's "cloud." Does pics & video too!

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I use an older, simpler version for my 4600 cd's filled computer audio setup. I use it because it works with my Stello U3/Moon DAC - The Stello was designed to work with iTunes. Last week though as I finished importing a few new CD's, I tried to exit but was told iTunes was updating my cover art. It took me two years to upload all these CD's and I always picked the cover art myself to match my CD's, yet last week for some reason, iTunes was updating my cover art, without my knowledge or permission, of course I tried to stop it by quitting, the result? I now have half of my CD's without cover art in iTunes. The funny thing is that my iTunes setting is set to never automatically download cover art. How this happened is beyond my comprehension. Damn you iTunes.

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after listening sessions my girlfriend puts the records back into the wrong LP-covers. Hate that, too. At least I can blame somebody and get a kiss out of it.

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Based on my experience of DCS I imagine that the Vivaldi One will set a new standard, but that gold finish...

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...costs extra. As do the glossy black and glossy white finishes. I think that one can also specify other luxury finishes. So way past $80,000 a piece. I would add that when seen in the flesh it is ENORMOUS.

Slightly confusing model number I think as there was the Vivaldi, then the Vivaldi 2 (both 4 box systems) and now Vivaldi 1 which I think will be confused with the original Vivaldi. I think that as it is an anniversary product celebrating 30 years of dCS it would have been more clear had they called it the Vivaldi 30. On the other hand when spending $80K I guess one would be pretty sure which model one was buying!

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Honestly I think that the incomparable Ms Parton said it best when she said "it takes a lot of money... etc". That said, I can see that gold finish being wildly popular among a certain market segment where more is always more.

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Hi Michael,
thank you for both videos from Hong Kong. I have watched both completely.
I like it very much when you flipp through vinyl boxes and find your commentary with the visuals very interesting. Could you do more of that stuff?
Thanks for that!
Best Regards

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How many 12 year old girls are working in sweat shop jobs at 50 cents an hour so some Chinese CEO can afford one of these gold plated gizmos?