Hong Kong High End Audio/Video Show Day 3

The final day of the Hong Kong High End Audio Video Show began for AnalogPlanet.com editor Michael Fremer (after an evening of excessive wine and cognac consumption) with a guest spot on the "Pop Fugitives" radio show hosted by vinyl fans Paul Haswell and Carolyn Wright who extended the invitation after learning that Fremer was visiting Hong Kong to attend the audio show.

What was supposed to be an hour or two guest slot turned into three when the second guest had to cancel. You can stream the show on the RTHK website.

This video begins at the radio station, then goes to the show where AVM's Udo Besser unveils the company's newest configurable preamplifier, followed by one last look at record buyers making their final purchases before show closing.

From there see how locals buy and consume sea food at a shore line sea food restaurant and retailer where customers get to choose the live animals that will become their dinner. It looks like a salt water aquarium but of course it is not!

Got a nice note from Paul after the show:


Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you again for coming on the show this morning. It was fantastic - we’ve had feedback all afternoon from people saying how much they loved the stories and music. We listened to the stream this afternoon and it sounds great too - you can tell the difference (96/24 vinyl files) even on the stream.

Have a safe flight back, and we’d love to have you back any time you are in Hong Kong. Next time we need to show you more of the city too!"

It was a short but memorable trip. Happy to share it with you on the AnalogPlanet.com website.

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Thanks Michael, really cool videos. But I would have been really impressed if you were able to peruse vinyl as well as fish at the seafood restaurant, of course while serenaded by the bagpipe ensemble. (One stop shopping opportunity for Chad? Bet they don't have that in Kansas)

Actually the most amazing snippet was what looked like a teen girl picking up Rollins Saxophone Colossus. What was that about? I don't think I've ever seen a family unit at a US Hifi show except perhaps for a local exhibitor.

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Hey - on a more serious note, be curious if you have any observations on cultural similarities/differences on audiophile audience behaviors in Hong Kong vs. let's say Munich and the US shows? From the videos seemed that despite the larger numbers in the rooms, the Hong Kong attendees seemed to be more respectful in listening to the music and not chattering. On the other hand, the music being played seemed to be the same schlock as US shows, or even worse (depending upon how you feel about Hotel California)

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Diana Krall, 60 year old classical records and Steely Dan still push my buttons. I would argue they are not schlock.

I can't think of anyone who thinks Famous Blue Raincoat, 45 rpm Blue Notes and Joanna Cassidy are schlock.

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EVA Cassidy.

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Why did they play the death march at the end of the show? Did someone die while record shopping? Just seemed strange to do that, but what do I know?
Uh, yeah, can't do fish, but even if I could, a visit to that restaurant wold have still had me saying either, "uh, not hungry" or "I hate McDonalds, but could we go find one please?" Some of those fish looked worried to me. LOL!

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Carolyn is hot.

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There was something in one of those fish tanks which were probably giant prawns. Looked like something I stepped on in a NYC apartment bathroom!