In Japan, Sony Getting Back Into the Business of Pressing Records

I read the news today, oh boy! Sony, Japan is getting back into the business of cutting and perhaps pressing records after having "walkman"ed away for the past thirty years.

Here's the story posted by NPR.

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The picture at the top of the article linked above, looks like the label is way off center. I know it's the way the guy is holding it and the way the light is hitting it, but it sure looks that way?

Hopefully, Sony's quality control would have caught this :-)

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I took that picture! Holding up a record from 1976. Believe me QC at Sony in those days was 100% excellent. You are seeing an optical illusion...
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didn't you mention in one of your DVD's that Japanese pressings lacked bass? with that said, any plans for another DVD?

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It's an artefact resulting from using a wide-angled lens. Perspective in the rest of the image is similarly affected.

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It's an artefact resulting from using a wide-angled lens. Perspective in the rest of the image is similarly affected.

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Absolutely agree, Michael. Quality Control in Japan was the absolute best! I have many, many Japanese records ... and I never ever got a bad one. This is a great vinyl news story. I have been wondering for a while now when this would happen. Hopefully, others will follow Sony's lead on this. It would be nice for instance to see Warner-Pioneer and JVC getting back into the vinyl business. Thanks for 'breaking' this news story. Take a bow yourself on this. Your tireless and indefatigable support for the vinyl format has played a large part in what has happened.

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I love the fact that vinyl sales now even out pace digital sales in the UK. I mean, what is the point in buying a low resolution file which you can get for free streaming. It's a ludicrous concept!

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... the analog audio (compact) cassette isn't quite dead yet either.
Sony should consider reviving a couple of their cassette decks along with some Type II, if not Type IV, blank tape.

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How about it, Sony? Let's give "elcaset" another chance!!!

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Hey! Americans..........are you sure this is not "fake news"?

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To once again walk into a record department like Korvettes or Sam Goody's 49th street store. Oh the memories!

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Sam Goody's on 49th street...the memories...first record store I ever shopped in. Ah the memories of my pops taking me there as a kid...

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Worked there while i was in college in 72-73, traded my paycheck for records each week.

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It would be great if they can use the same(or better) materials and workmanship as they used to. I've had some Japan LP's pressed off-center(the record, not the label, Labels off center are pretty common), but they were few and far between. Sony Japan could be the new quality pressing standard(hopefully).

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Japanese pressed records, at least in terms of silent play, could not be beat during the 1970s and 1980s. That's why MFSL had their records pressed there using, if I recall correctly, JVC "Supervinyl." If they can do something like that again, sign me up.

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Agreed...JVC (and all Japanese) pressings were consistently on-center and dead quiet (Nautilus Superdiscs were a close second) compared to everything else. MFSL's RTI-pressed discs are no match at all.

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Is death obsolete?