Large Files Coming Your Way Hopefully Tomorrow!

The plan is to post links tomorrow to the 10 96/24 FLAC files of Myra Taylor's "Spider and The Fly" from her My Night to Dream album (APO 2017) released in 2000 as a double 45rpm 180g LP by Analogue Productions, reproduced using the 9 cartridges identified in a previous post plus the Ortofon Anna on the Continuum Caliburn.

These are large files! The 10 tunes are roughly the equivalent of downloading, for instance, a complete album from HDTracks.

Hopefully you'll manage that and then play them back using your choice of USB DAC through your audio system. The 10 files will not be identified for about a week during which time you'll listen and decide which you prefer. We're going to set up a voting system so you can choose your top few.

After about a week's time, we'll identify each file in conjunction with a photo, technical information and the editor's sonic impressions.

That's the plan as of today.

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Man, this is brilliant. This is fun, educaitonal, and as honest as a audio gear site can be. Way to go!! I am glad that someone is doing a great affordable cart shoot out. This is so much more meaningful in getting more people into vinyl. 

Next time it would be nice to throw in the Denon DL-110; still being sold for the ridiculous price of $139.00 and is stupid good!! Giant Killer in every way!!

Mr.Fremer u da man!*!(*@!@

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I've been a long time reader, but I've never taken the time to make an account to comment. Had to for this one just so I could tell you how cool this is. Thanks for putting it together. 

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For those of us (like me) who do not have experience playing back FLAC files, what do you recommend?

My laptop is fairly new with a quad core processor and 6gb memory, so I assume I am fine there.

Is there a superior player I should download?  And what is an affordable recommended USB DAC converter?  Do these have RCA outs or 1/8" out?

Honestly, I have been so engrossed in vinyl playback for the past few months that I only yesterday connected my SACD/CD  player into my preamp so I can listen to some library CD's to decide if I want to purchase the vinyl (especially Eddie Vedder's Ukelele Songs).

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Grab Audirvana or Amarra. Both are great and have a free trial that should be long enough to give these files a listen. If you want to purchase one, Audirvana is much cheaper and just as good in my opinion. I've used both quite a bit. 

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I know its for video, but it play audio files as well.

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not the best for specific applications but as a jack-of-all trades it's hard to beat.

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Cool idea

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My modem is warmed up and ready for downloading.

Thanks for doing this Mikey.

Should I expect to see a link for the files from this page, or somewhere else on the forum?


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For a really interesting test, someone else should randomly rename the files and then see how well MF can discern the differences by correctly identifying the various cartridges.