Numero Group Announces Pastor T.L. Barrett 5 LP Box Set In Standard and Deluxe Editions

Numero Group is set to issue 5 LP box set and deluxe box set editions of Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir's I Shall Wear a Crown. You probably know some of this amazing music even if you think you don't.

From the Numero website:
Civil Rights activist who marched alongside Jesse Jackson, preacher for Earth Wind & Fire, Stax recording artist, “Family Feud” contestant, Stephen Curry soundtracker, high school drop out, and Kanye samplee, Pastor T. L. Barrett stuffed a dozen lives into one. His signature 1971 spiritual soul jam “Like A Ship” has transcended its humble South Side Chicago beginnings, rediscovered by Leon Bridges and Beck and described by Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood as "The most euphoric celebratory music that makes you want to jump around the house and explode with joy." This box is the definitive statement on Barrett’s two decades of recordings, 49 tracks spread across five LPs, including Like A Ship, Do Not Pass Me By Volume 1 & 2, and I Found The Answer, plus a bonus album of singles and sermons, a 10,000 word blow-by-blow, and illustrated discography.

A 2010 Light In the Attic release of Like a Ship.... was part of the mix on an analog planet radio show. It's song 3. You'll dig it. There's no info about source or who mastered and pressed. If that information becomes available this story will be amended. This should be a rocking, exalted good time even for agnostics and atheists!

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This is fantastic news! I've heard a couple of these albums, and they are some top-notch, funky, soulful gospel jams.