Power Failure Interrupts AnalogPlanet Content Posting

A nasty winter storm on Wednesday knocked out power at AnalogPlanet headquarters and we are still waiting for its return.

The power company spokesperson said he was hopeful it would be restored by late tonight but no guarantees. So if you are looking for those Who files promised in the latest Stereophile Analog Corner, please be patient. It’s not been forgotten (photo shows current “power conditioner“).

Before driving off the Rockland Electric supervisor said “I recognize you! You are one of those idiots who thinks A.C. cables make a sonic difference!”......(just kidding). He actually said “Man, those A.C.cables make a huge sonic difference!” (just kidding). BTW: this was posted by phone...

Anton D's picture

That should keep up up and going!

Stay warm!

Drink well!

Ortofan's picture

... $100K+ turntable might have seen fit to spend a mere $5K, or so, for a home backup generator?

analogdw's picture

Because that’s $5K that can’t be spent on the system!

rdh79730's picture

Dude lives in NYC. Generator? I'm shocked he even has a fireplace. Although, as a Coloradan, my daughter's Barbie dream house has a bigger fireplace than that. :-D

Nate's picture

Northern NJ; friends in the area also lost power

Stu Morgenstern's picture

...that the corgis are warm! Good luck!

RCZero's picture

I love this post (aka your humour)!

Zardoz's picture

Hope you stay warm and get power back soon. How is cooking in your fire place going?;)
Seriously, hope all is well and that you are back to normal right away.

mraudio's picture

...having grown up in Wyoming and now living in Colorado, I feel for you. One of the only downsides to being an audiophile, kinda need power.