"On the Radio" Exhibit at San Francisco International Airport

Heading home after addressing the San Francisco Audiophile Society last April, your editor noticed and video'd this cool exhibition of old radios on display at SFA. He's always got you on his mind. Well often anyway.

Unfortunately, he had to rush to catch his plane home so this moves quickly. While he couldn't pause long at each exhibit you can hit "pause" wherever you like. The "novelty" exhibit featuring a tape measure, and sandwich and other unlikely looking radios is definitely worth pausing for!

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Hey, Mike! My favorite exhibit in that terminal was all vintage stereo equipment, focusing on tape decks. Sponsored by Dolby Labs, IIRC. Did you also catch that?

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Would have missed plane too!
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That was fantastic, love your videos! Thanks!

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So, I start every day with a look at the world news and Analog Planet. When the world news sucks, like it usually does and just upsets me, I know I can go right to Analog Planet for mostly usually good news except the recent losses of Wally Malewicz and Dave Wilson, R.I.P.
Anyway, very cool vid, Michael. Thanks for possibly missing your plane to make it! Haha! What a pleasant and unexpected exhibit.
All your devotees are I’m sure very thankful!

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Thanks for the video, Mike! I haven't seen it myself yet, just pictures. And my wife saw it and brought home the exhibit program for me.

Here's a podcast where we talk with "On the Radio" exhibit curator Daniel Calderon and California Historical Radio Society President Steve Kushman, who arranged for many of the radios on display at SFO.

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an exhibit like that here in NY!
I could spend hours looking at those radios!

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I grew up listening to music on a big old Crosley console that my mom won in a drawing. 12" electromagnetic speaker! No wonder I like bass! Thanks for sharing - I look forward to all your work.

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Nice musical selection-

Much more interesting now that you've added music to the experience of looking at the gear.

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