VPI Launches $900 Cliffwood Turntable

VPI Industries announced on June 29th the new $900 Cliffwood turntable, named for the New Jersey town in which VPI has been headquartered for the past 30 years.

The new Cliffwood is built in Cliffwood from all-American manufactured parts and includes a machined aluminum alloy platter and 9" gimbaled bearing (vertical) arm. Also included in the price is a new Grado sourced VPI/Grado Green cartridge.

Initially the 'table, which will begin shipping late July/early August will be for the American market only. Plans are to begin world wide distribution sometime in the future.

Cliffwood Specs:

16" x 11" footprint
19” x 14” x6” overall size
Machined 11.5 inch Aluminum Platter
600 RPM AC Motor - 2 speed pulley
Machined Aluminum Gimballed 9 inch arm
VPI/Grado Green Cartridge
Fully upgradeable
MDF Vinyl wrap "Black Truffle" finish

pessoist's picture

convincing work... from VPI.
I love to see what's going on, lots of new quality and somehow affordable turntables being brought to market.

dhaskell's picture

any idea how 33/45 switching happens? Move the belt? Or a button?

Mat Weisfeld's picture

You got it! You can easily change speed by moving the belt.

chris8519's picture

Not sure many people realize that you're the PRESIDENT of VPI, and commenting here! Welcome! Hoping you can comment on future VPI related posts.

Mat Weisfeld's picture

I try to get on here and all the site out there whenever I can. Not enough hours in the day! Always great to be here on Analog Planet and all places talking about turntables (especially VPI!) Great to meet you online and feel free to give us a buzz if you are ever in Jersey.

GoldenEar5Percenters's picture

Not real happy with performance of my SL-1800mk2.
Looking for something around $1000.
Will it have AS?

Mat Weisfeld's picture

We don't really believe in anti-skate (to an extent but that is a whole other topic!) but we like to make it available for customer to have the choice. For a stock Cliffwood it will not be available. It will be something that can be added later on, Cliffwood is fully upgrade-able.

GoldenEar5Percenters's picture

I dont have enough experience with other TT's with better arms than my 1200 arm. Maybe a better tracking higher end arm, may not need it.
I can clearly see with my 440mla and VM740 that AS is needed with this style arm.

Michael Fremer's picture
Why? Because skating is real. I respectfully disagree with VPI on this....i
kington's picture

Right? Skating isn't some dubious phenomenon; you can SEE it happen on your own turntable by getting a blank vinyl and dropping a needle on it.

I think Mr. Weisfeld might have been saying something to the effect of "while skating exists, anti-skating implementations don't improve sound quality."

2channelguy's picture

Matt, how does it compare to the original Traveler? thanks for being on this site.

Mat Weisfeld's picture

Both are great tables but I really feel like the Cliffwood is what I was trying to accomplish with the Traveler(but didn't really know how to then). The Cliffwood is easier to use and more durable than the Traveler but the Traveler still sounds fantastic and I'm sure would have a slight edge over the Cliffwood, but it wouldn't be a runaway train.