WAMM MASTER CHRONOSONIC at Audio Advisors West Palm Beach, Florida Friday November 22

On Friday evening November 22nd at Audio Advisors, West Palm Beach, Florida, Wilson Audio Specialties' Peter McGrath will present a demonstration of the WAMM Master Chronosonic loudspeaker with the WAMM Master Subsonic Subwoofers using some of his own superb recordings—some readers might not know that McGrath has had a long career as a recording engineer, including for Harmonia Mundi among other labels.

In addition, AnalogPlanet editor and Stereophile senior contributing editor Michael Fremer will be there to spin some of his very special vinyl records.

Other guests include VPI Industries Mat Weisfeld, who will present the brand new Direct Drive Vanquish turntable, a "brand ambassador" from SAT Tonearms, Dave Gordon and Aldo Filippelli of Audio Research, Karen Sumner of Transparent Audio, Woody Compton of McIntosh Labs, Chris Trojnar of Harman International, Jay Rein of Chord Electronics, Ltd. and Joe Lavrencik of Critical Mass Systems.

All will be available in the afternoon and evening hours for conversation, personal system evaluations and upgrade recommendations. Refreshments will be served during the event, Friday November 22nd 4PM-9PM, Audio Advisors in West Palm Beach, Florida. Please R.S.V.P. rkothe@audioadvisors.com or call (561) 478-3100

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Harmonia Mundi did not get enough credit from most audiophiles in "real time" as their recordings came out.

Peter McGrath is a GREAT engineer.

Check out Harmonia Mundi's Handel: Daphne e Chloe: superlative. One of my favorite recordings.

I can safely say the if a record says "Handel" and "Harmonia Mundi" on in, and he engineered it, you should be impressed.

To get back on topic, I'd go to that open house, but right now, I can't even a afford to window shop. Even my air guitar got repossessed.

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... Peter McGrath that have been released on the Audiofon label.

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I concur...
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Apollo e Dafne is what you seek.

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I remember the Harmonia-Mundi recordings being special too. I believe it was some Buxtehude recordings that first caught my attention and, later, the William Christie large scale pieces. Good times.

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The design of those looming WAMMs makes me feel like kneeling and saying the rosary, and I'm not even Catholic. Do they come with a censer?

Anton D's picture

Their look makes me want to give them calcium and try to improve their posture.