Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX Launch Event at Excel Audio, Newport Beach, CA

Excel Audio invites everyone to join us Saturday, November 23rd, 6-9 PM to experience Wilson Audio’s latest triumph the Chronosonic XVX. We will be showcasing the XVX’s driven by D’Agostino electronics with digital by dCS and vinyl played on the Clearaudio Statement. Special guests include Dan D’Agostino, Jesse Luna from DCS, and Garth Leerer from Musical Surroundings.

Everyone is welcome, food will be served. Please contact Mike Rose mrose@excelaudio.us or 949 933-1599 Excel Audio is located at 4678 Campus Drive in Newport Beach

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I'm sure the Chronosonic XVXs are great, but they can't sound good that close together. They're not even in the same plane. Seesh