You Don't Really Need This Wristwatch, Do You?

Do you really need a wrist watch that looks like a record? Of course you don't! Nor do I, but for $24.95 (as I write this but no telling for how long), why not? I ordered one.

Shipping is free, but after ordering I noted that delivery in America is between 15-45 days, which is ridiculous, but of course it's not as if I'm in desperate need of this novelty. The movement is quartz, the case is stainless steel, the 32mm diameter dial is glass and the strap is leather so for $25 how can you go wrong?

To order, go to the American Music Star website or don't!

RVG Edition's picture

If it truly comes in a 32mm case, it’s going to be comically small on your wrist, and I DEMAND you post a picture of yourself wearing it!

Halcro's picture

RVG is correct.
Most men's watches these days are over 40mm.....

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My best guess is that it's the movement is 32mm and the case is larger.

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... fortunately I thought to check eBay. These are available direct from Hong Kong for about $2.50 with free shipping, with black, red, or white straps.

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I bought one. My kids will like it. Plus, I teach, and the students will just think I'm weird, which is cool!

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bought one for my husband and a lady watch for myself. Will use it together. And also found there a great piano handbag for my sister - pianist. thank you for the info!

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Just grabbed one for my son that turned 21! he's really into music, his response was PRICELESS, he simply said: Dad, you nailed it.

cool stuff, thanks for the share.

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Really liked the watch! i ordered 3 of them one in each color :-)
liked the store other items as well.

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For the serious vinylista

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Did you guys really like this???? It's a total POS - super cheap Chinese junk. I contacted American Music Stars and requested a return to find that you must ship it back to China if you aren't satisfied. Yes, it's cute, okay, it's not a lot of money, and it is a novelty, I get that - but it's still crap! Rant complete.

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$24.99 on American Music Stars website, $5 on Amazon. It's junk either way, but better to risk $5 than $25 (like I did) from American Music Stars (who won't accept returns).

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Based upon Michael's comments on it here. It is a true POS. Paper dial, plastic case, really cheap band, not sure if I would have even paid five bucks for it given what I know now. Wrote an honest review of it for their website when they asked me to-- somehow that never got published... waste of money, dirt cheap Chinese junk!