Koeppel Design's New LP Block Solves the Age-Old "Where the Hell Did I Put That Record Jacket?" Problem

It's an age-old problem and a problem of old age— particularly in a cluttered listening room: you put the record on the turntable, put the jacket down and then forget where you put it. Has that ever happened to you?

Koeppel Design, maker of neat record dividers and the snazziest LP carrying bag has the solution with its new LP Block.

Stash the jacket in the block and as well as being visible so you can enjoy the artwork while you listen, you'll never again lose it when it's time to put the record back in the jacket. Problem solved.

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That's how much they want for this wooden stand. Add in tax and shipping and you're at a cool hundred.
Hell, even MoFi only charges $40 for their stand. This is the kind of artisanal-bespoke-heritage-handcrafted-bearded-maker-culture hipsterism that makes people think the vinyl boom is a fashion-driven fad...and might help ensure it.

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A hand made small run is always going to cost more. Not sure what artisan has to to do hipsterism

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Hackmartian, am I correct in understanding that you don't think the price is unreasonable per se, rather that it demonstrates that the intended demographic for this particular stand is the "artisanal-bespoke-heritage-handcrafted-bearded-maker-culture" market, and therefore anything vinyl related could be associated as such? If only there were someone you could write a letter to complaining about the existence of such markets, the rest of us wouldn't have to be exposed to this pointless drivel.

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He/she makes an entirely valid observation. This is a high school wood shop project priced for the boutique crowd. The MoFi stand is ridiculous but this is criminal. Plate stands forever.

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1) These devices appear to only work with novelty colored vinyl. Do they make one that will work with regular black vinyl. perhaps they could add a pic to show that.

2) The Hi Fi they use to picture their finely crafted holders and dividers costs less than the actual holders and dividers.

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That's funny, I made a very similar one fifteen years ago.
It took a hunk of red oak, fifteen minutes with the table saw, some sanding, and a few drops of tung oil. It's higher in the back to support the LP cover instead of having the "record divider" for that purpose, and the slot is lined with felt to prevent damage. I guess I could have tried to make more and sell them for $76, but vinyl was "dead" at the time...

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I have a shelf, above my turntable, for the turntable dust cover. I stand the record sleeve up inside the dust cover, on that shelf, when listening to lp's.....hey presto ! ;-) ha

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I geotag the cover with my smartphone so I can always find it when the record's over..
And then I can't find my phone.

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Looks Pretentious and 76.00 dollars is way out there. The dividers on the website too are way overpriced. I stick to my 12" easel I purchased for $6.99.

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You guys are lucky. I don't have any issues finding my record sleeves, but I keep misplacing my turntable, sighhhhhh...

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Very, very pleased with my purchase of same a while back...


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And this product is too. I put my jacket on the coffee table in front of me. Voila!

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A plate stand works just as well, and can be bought at craft stores, for about $5.00

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I lean the jacket against my scotch glass/ipa mug/ wine goblet. Never lose them.

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That's exactly right green53 - one NEVER forgets wherever one puts one's scotch glass, does one?

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Record dividers are $1-2 from Bags Unlimited. Mine have lasted for years so far.

Put on P-Touch or similar labels and you'll have a great looking solution for hundreds or thousands less depending on how many you need.

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"Oh, no...! Don't touch that LP... that's only for Dinner Parrrrties..." Lol.. barf.

And the price really only fuels the trolls.

If the material actually had a purpose, I could see value in that.. like ebony wood in a phono cartridge body.

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a bit of a double-post...but I feel you on this and figured I'd share what I picked up and which has far more functionality (and isn't just a wood block) :)

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What am I supposed to do with the inner slave and outer jacket protector when the cover is up for snazzy viewing?

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Can't imagine a non-drunk person purchasing this wood block. What's next, $400 plastic dustcovers? Will the price go down once they recoup r&d costs?

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A folding tablet stand available at the Big River for $7 does a great job of holding album cover.

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but if they have something that find CDs no longer in the case count me in.

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They also have a canvas tote bag that is over $100.

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Not arguing the cost of this at all - just offering up an alternative, albeit at the same cost, but which I've got and love. Check out flipbin.com (@flipbin2000 is their instagram feed) - they're custom fabricated aluminum, some killer colors, and they double as storage (the Model 33 holds 30+ LPs, the Model 45...a tad expensive...holds 45 7") Kind of amazed they don't get the love and this does - might not be for everyone, but it's what I'd been looking for and runs circles around these. (wish I could post a photo for full effect)

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