Chord Introduces Affordable "Huei" MM/MC Phono Preamp

The Huei is based on Chord Electronics’ high-end, award-winning Symphonic MC phono stage. While the Symphonic offered MC compatibility only, the Huei offers both MC and MM compatibility, opening the world of Chord high end analog playback to everyone listening to vinyl.

Like the Symphonic, the Huei offers adjustable gain and loading, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of cartridges. Utilizing the same casework and front mounted buttons as Chord’s much loved Qutest, the Huei is easy to use and is especially convenient for listeners who like to experiment with the gain and loading settings.

Huei features Chord’s first ultra-low-noise microprocessor which controls its main features including a convenient memory function. Huei also offers: unbalanced inputs, both unbalanced and balanced outputs, eight step user selectable gain, 47k Ohms MM impedance, twelve step user selectable MC impedance from 30 – 47k Ohms and a rumble filter. Like Qutest the Huei is built to last with solid aluminum precision-machined casework.

Available in black, Huei is in stock at dealers now. US retail price is $1,495 ($1,895 in Canada).

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It seems cool!

I'd like to compare to my iFi Micro Iphono 2.

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In a recent review in Hi Fi News they mentioned that an inexpensive aftermarket power supply transformed the Dac that I believe is in the same range as this phono pre amp. Just a thought if you ever review it.

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I just amused myself with using AP's search box for the word 'affordable'. It generates 17 pages of results. Anything roughly between 1,500 and 20,000 American dollars gets that label.
Oh well, we can't all be doctors, lawyers or living off a trust fund, can we...'s picture

If that's affordable i'll wait and wait again to buy one's picture

Is it much better than the Music Hall pa1.2 (mm/MC)? ($379,99 CDN)