Frank Ocean Drops Two Limited Edition 7” Singles of New Music

Following a year of selective magazine interviews and the recent opening of a VIP 80s retro nightclub, musical genius Frank Ocean is finally back with new music. In addition to returning today to his Beats1 Blonded radio show to premiere a new song “DHL,” Frank also posted preorders on his website for two 7” singles of new music.

Both “Cayendo” and “Dear April” feature the normal studio recordings on side A, while the former has a Sango remix on side B and the latter has a Justice remix. Each single costs $15, and “ships in 8-12 weeks,” not that you should take those estimates seriously. Given the nature of Frank’s previous vinyl releases (the one-day-only pressing of his 2016 masterpiece Blonde goes for well over $400, while Endless commands a solid $150), these are likely one-time pressings only to be available for 1-5 days. I’ve already copped the two singles; there’s a one per person per product limit, and shipping is $15. There are no details about the engineering, mastering, or pressing yet, although Frank’s albums are always well-engineered.

Earlier today I had “DHL” on loop, soaking up every detail. It’s a new musical wave for Ocean (no pun intended), with simple, monotone rapping and even more electronically manipulated elements than ever before. Most importantly, however, it’s a great song signaling the upcoming arrival of what is likely to be a perfect album.

For the rock-dwellers unfamiliar with his work, I’d most highly recommend listening to his 2016 masterpiece blond, but you can’t go wrong with any of his (small) catalog. He is one of the greatest artists of all time, and because of his lengthy waits between releases, all of his albums are brilliant.

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I popped into his website and grabbed them!

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At least Ocean isn’t a “Very Stable Genius”....

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he’s not THAT kind of “very stable genius,” but as anybody who actually listens to his music will tell you, he is a very consistently brilliant artist who’s only getting better as time goes on.

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I like his music.... and your writing as well!

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good to know! and thanks for the kind words about my writing!

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7" records need the big holes, not those little holes like on 12" records.

Can't you kids do anything right?

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I have some 7” singles/EPs with small holes so we don’t know which route Frank’s team will go with these.

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So these bad boys never shipped and the website has no idea when they will. Any chance you want to email them and give 'em hell? After six months and $47 for two 7" to get nothing but crickets is a tad more than a little annoying. I can always email PayPal and get my money back, but I actually wanted the records. This is getting to James Lavell-level of delay BS (i.e. Psyence Fiction). Surely your big, strong media credentials can shame them into pressing the damn things and actually shipping them!!! Thanks, /d

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i ordered ALL 4 of the records (paying $90 for them in total with shipping) and STILL haven't gotten ANY of them. the records started to ship to a few ppl tho so it'll eventually arrive. frank fans like me DID send angry emails to blonded a couple months ago, telling them they violated multiple FTC guidelines. they listened and finally gave us shipping dates, on which they STARTED shipping the records.

but it was all an elaborate scam anyway... review will be posted when the records arrive.