Harmonic Resolution Systems VXR Rack System Now in Production, Shown at CES 2017

First shown at CES 2016, the Harmonic Resolution Systems VXR rack system is now in production and available for purchase. These are ultra-rigid, super-adjustable modular stands that are also very expensive.

The isolation bases used on the older SXR rack system are 100% compatible. While some are skeptical about the sonic effects of component isolation, turntable owners, as well as vacuum tube gear fans know better! Designer and company owner Mike Latvis explains the system in this video.

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but with cabling etc. the same and only the stands as a variable. I know stands can make a difference, but when do you hit the level of too much money for too little improvement? Is it like cables where you can always hear a difference, but how do you decide what level of stand is right for your system? Is there a percentage rule of thumb like with cables (10%)?
Love your videos of the new stuff. Keep 'em comin'.

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It would be a great demo, but with line conditioning and upgraded cables, there are two additional variables (actually more, dependent on how many interconnects, power cords, etc. are utilized). Wouldn't a truer test be both rooms identical except the rack systems?
Certainly looks like rock solid design and construction though.
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if they designed an experiment with three different variables and concluded that they actually learned anything:)

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Trick for Mickey to review racks as suggested. He'll need another Caliburn/SAT combo and all identical peripherals. None of which are two a penny.....

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I noticed the sound clarified and tightened up in my own system when I bought an actual, dedicated audio rack. I previously had my system on some shelving in the room. Each layer of this system sits on four points, the bottom section's points going through the carpet to the cement foundation underneath. Mine isn't the most expensive, but I did hear a slight difference, and turntable isolation is way better.

There is a company in the UK called Atacama that makes a shelving system of a similar design to the one I use, but far better executed. Each shelf is thick bamboo, and the side posts are larger. No affiliation, other than a wishful future customer (if they ever become properly distributed in the US)...


As for isolation, I heard a demo at AXPONA last year in the Nordost room, where they used an ordinary power strip as an example. I'm one of those who likes to discount audiophoolery, but this demo sort of amazed me that I actually could hear a difference. They played a track for a minute, then lifted the power strip off of their isolating cones, plopping it on the floor. They replayed that same track seconds later, and we looked at each other--there was a difference! Back on the cones, replaying the same track again, and the sound changed back. When we left the room, we compared our thoughts, and agreed that the power strip on the floor sounded slightly more muddy with a little less impact. Subtle, but it was there.

One might suspect the demo was rigged (two different sound files being played back, for instance) but think about it--if any company or person rigging up a phony demo were ever caught in the act, that would pretty much ruin their reputation. I did not buy the cones, but it did show me that I was capable of hearing a slight difference.

I agree that a side by side comparison with everything identical except the racks would be ideal, but difficult to pull off. But I will say that those who think they might not hear a difference should approach it with an open mind--you can hear more than you give yourself credit for!