Master & Dynamic, 440 Audio and De Baer Turntables at C.E.S. 2017

Premium headphone company Master & Dynamic showed a VPI sourced Player turntable variant fitted with a fuzzy "vegan leather" base covering. It's not for sale but rather the headphone-amp equipped 'table will be available to distributors and dealers worldwide to demonstrate the company's headphones.

Also at the show was a 440 Audio 'table built using a granite plinth, and the sophisticated circa $45,000 De Baer 'table and arm.

AnalogPlanet showed both of these 'tables in its Munich 2016 coverage.

The Master & Dynamic is not for sale, the 440 Audio is just beginning to be imported to America and the De Baer is for now not being imported, so all are essentially "unobtanium" at this point but we show them in the interest of complete C.E.S. analog coverage!