Kate Koeppel Design Introduces "The Record Tote"

Kate Koeppel Design in collaboration with GDS Cloth Goods has just introduced The Record Tote— an LP bag Taylor Swift and every style conscious vinyl fanatic will want be seen with.

It's a super-attractive bag made of Japanese selvage denim and 100% made-in-France cotton webbing, hand-crafted in Oakland California.

More than just a bag badged to exploit the vinyl resurgence, The Record Tote clearly was designed with record carrying in mind. It includes a removable, record protecting wood base that evenly distributes the considerable weight of the fifteen to eighteen records it is designed to hold.

An outer pocket holds "daily essentials" while a discrete inner pocket is perfect for wallet or phone.

If your wife, daughter or girlfriend is into vinyl, this makes a great gift for the holidays! Also suitable for stylish and/or metrosexual manly record collectors!

The limited production $109 Record Tote is now available for pre-order and will ship in early December.

Note: it does not come with a copy of Thom Yorke's solo album The Eraser shown in the photo.

To order go here.

audiotom's picture

I bought a $7 recycleable synthetic Abbey Road cover bag. - works great for when you dont want to try juggling a stack while flipping thru lps

Tom Miars's picture

This is an attractive bag, but that price is ridiculous. I'll use a canvas grocery bag that was probably a freebie and spend my hundred bucks on more vinyl to put in the bag.

Steelhead's picture

Well I will try not to be a wag but is this some kind of designer thing? Like a coach purse or jimmy choo shoes or something?

The price screams exclusive ownership which is kind of hard to fathom for a record bag tote???

In any event, I do not have stock, work, or even know anybody at Barnes and Noble but check this out.


anomaly7's picture

The problem I see with the B&N tote is that, based upon the stated dimensions (11.5" X 4.5" X 15.13") it isn't wide enough for an album to fit inside. That's pretty dumb, if they designed the product for albums. But maybe it's just a decorative tote?

As for the Koeppel bag, $109 for a record bag leaves me wondering who they're marketing their bag to? Are there many professionals besides Mikey who go "out" shopping for LP's enough to think this bag worthwhile?

Engelsstaub's picture

This is awesome! Now all of us cool people who view records as a fashion statement can carry our purchases in a fashionably-hip bag.

Steelhead's picture

Hey Anomaly7, I have not seen or ordered the bag but it states that it holds 25 albums.

I am thinking about scoring one and it has enough of a "cool" factor that it meets my fashion design sense.


whereisclayton's picture

I'll take "The Eraser" over the bag. One of my fav's.