A New Rackit Manufacturer Surfaces Just in Time

When Per Madsen retired, a guy named Jef Fowler of TwoCan Audio began making the identical modular oak frame racks.

Now Fowler has apparently stopped making them too. Fortunately, Winnipeg, Canada based Ian and Janis Park have picked up the Rackit torch (bad metaphor for a wood-based product), and are now manufacturing what appear to be identical modular units under the name 33 racket. That's good news for Rackit fans like me and for new vinyl collectors looking for attractive modular record shelving.

Contact them for pricing, terms and shipping information.

liguorid42's picture

This is great news. He doesn't seem to be making, or have any plans to make, the CD drawers, which is fine by you guys, I guess.

At the present moment, I am more in need of additional CD drawers than record bins. The CD is dead, I know, but they keep coming in, as do the records.

I know Fowler griped that the original CD drawers were hard to make without Per's specialized machinery. I hope someone steps up before my CD collection gets piled too high on available surfaces.

jpvisual's picture

Michael, do you think records should be stored with dividers spaced between 4-6 inches apart? That's what I read on the library of congress site for best practices in storing vinyl. Any truth to that? It seems to make sense.

"Store grooved discs on shelves with sturdy, immovable dividers every 4-6 inches that support the entire face of the disc in its sleeve"