Record Racks From Tony's Woodshop

A few years ago we alerted readers to an identical replacement record rack for the Per Madsen "Rackit" record storage system from TwoCan HiFi. ($99.95 if you order four or more, lesser amounts priced accordingly).

Recently we heard about a less costly record shelving system from Tony's Woodshop, in Cresson, Pennsylvania. Vinyl storage units cost from between $40 and $45 (unfinished) depending upon wood. Add $12.00 for finished units.

Each of the stackable units weighing seven pounds, is 12.5 inches wide, 14 inches high and 13 3/4 inches deep, can hold seventy or more LPs.p Also available are interlocking base units (priced depending upon width) and interlocking tops, that while not necessary, enhance the system's esthetics.

The prices include shipping, making this a very affordable, strong system.

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I bought an Ikea Kallax,182x182cm 25 cubby holes 13 inch qube in satin white for just £130. Other sizes available.

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I have a few smaller Kallax units--it is easier for me to configure them for storage in my room, given how it is laid out. But whichever size, I've found them sturdy and flexible (if oriented properly), and can fit between 75-90 records into a single cubby. Given how they are finished, and the variety of colors available, they have a higher WAF than other racks I've seen. There might be nicer out there, but these are perfect for my current needs.

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Interesting storage solution. As their configuration is variable how high (number of units) have you built them? Users of other, earlier, IKEA racks for vinyl storage have found it necessary to brace the rear of the units. Would you anticipate that this may be necessary with Kallax?

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..with no issues whatsoever. Really simple. Gone are the days when their product had hole that didn't line up or half the parts are missing. The 182x182 weighs in at 60kg and is very sturdy as long as you attach it to the wall behind with the supplied fittings;absolutely no wobble. So long as you orientate it correctly, you'll have trouble with the weight of vinyl. Nice durable finish in sprayed satin white, don't know about the wood effects though, they might peel in time which is why I went for the white. Not high-end furniture grade of course but mine is in the spare room for the bulk of my vinyl, you know, the ones we rarely ever play ;-)). Bargain at £130.

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With a hammer,drill, circular saw, screws,ruler,pencil and 1/2 brain you can build this rack for the price of one!

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But some people don't have the skill, tools, time, and/or inclination.

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What is your time worth?
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I have 1/2 brain. Unfortumately it's the wrong half.

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Hammer, Drill, Circular Saw and lack of appropriate work space = eviction just as hitting 80db on the sound system would.
My ears are worth more.
I currently use The Container Store LP crates. Made of high grade plastic, holds about 45 records or so, are stackable with built in locking and run around $12 each. Downside: when full, heavier as all get out (you would not want to set one on your foot) and while can be used on their sides, I would not recommend doing so.

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...about apartment living. Another option, at least for smaller amounts of LP storage, are the boxes from Sleeve City - I have 2x3 stacked on their sides in the hallway plus two open-side up in the living room,

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Only two thin bars at the bottom. I have had record shelves like these and I can tell you from experience the two thin wood bars on the bottom the records will sit on will dent the album cover over time. Just a bad design. You need solid bottom shelves'.

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The Per Madsen (now TwoCanHifi) racks are thin bars and I've had them for decades with no such problem....
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Sorry, Michael I have had the issue with my LP's which were on these types of racks for 7 years. You do need solid bottoms as far as I'm concerned. No answer is absolute I guess.

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I have the same racks, beautifully made, and very nice finish. Go together flawlessly, very light, stack nicely no issue with record jackets so far.

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When I left my other comment, I had just received the units and had not really looked very closely. They have 3, approximately 2" wide bars and when stacked on a base or another LP unit, this doubles to 6 bars, effectively making it a solid bottom unit. So I'm not sure where you are coming from with your "bad design" comment.

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You only have that configuration if you don't use a base, or do not have them stacked. Then there are 4 bars and almost no space between. I have some of these and they are great. I liked that I could stain them to match my room too, so it won't, as my wife says "look like a college dorm".

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I have taken the plunge and ordered a bunch (at retail) and will review ASAP
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I purchased a birch finish Kallax set last year. 2 / 4x4 and 2 / 1x4. I did not have the linear space for 2 / 5 x 5. I installed the 4x4 pr side by side with a 1x4 on top of each, creating a custom 4 x 5pr set side by side. All were built with glued connection surfaces. I added 1/4 inch pine finish plywood to the backs of all units. To mount them, I screwed 1 x 2 lumber across all of the studs on the mounting wall surface, then screwed the Kallax units to the lumber. I added 1 x 2 pine cut to 33.5mm widths as backstops in each cubby. All looks very "finished", with capacity for 2600+ LPs. Yes time can be an my case about 8hr or so spread across 5 days. Cost was about $400 and about 8hrs; compared to $800-$900+ and assembly time. I am not a woodworker, nor do I have even average skills in home improvement projects. If it took me 8hr, I suspect someone more handy can finish in 6hr...

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I've owned some of these for at least 5 years now. I also had Tony make me a base unit one a hardwood top that fits into the slats of the cubes. It works great, and I've never had any issues with cover damage. I also own several IKEA units, which are great, but these are quality hardwood cubes and very nice.

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I have owned these since 2005. I am now up to 16 units with bases and tops. This makes for a very sturdy system. The finish is rough, no two crates are exactly the same, but the price is right from an independent small business. I like the size of the crates because when full they are not difficult to lift and move around. Tony is a good guy. He contacted me from his vacation to check if I received my order.

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I too have them since 2005 and they are rock solid. No bending whatsoever.