MoFi Electronics MasterDeck Turntable

Some of our favorite turntable masters are back at it again — and MoFi Electronics latest offering, the MasterDeck turntable, is the proof. This ’table has been crafted by MoFi Electronics lead analog designer Allen Perkins, and it is an ostensible step up from the company’s prior StudioDeck and UltraDeck models.

Each MasterDeck turntable is assembled in limited batches at MoFi Electronics’ factory in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is available in either walnut or black ash solid wood frame finishes. (We’ll show both options throughout this post.)


Check out the extensive MasterDeck YouTube clip below, wherein Perkins — who has been designing turntables for well over 40 years — describes his process and how he’s especially concerned with combatting noise issues. “What does that cartridge want to pick up to best present the music to the listener?” Perkins posits, semi-rhetorically — and then he tells you how he handles potential playback issues such as outside noise and interference in his MoFi turntable designs.

And now, back to the specs. The MasterDeck’s 1.75in thick platter is composed of a Delrin/aluminum hybrid, a combination chosen to (their words) “significantly reduce resonance, providing a remarkably stable and inert base for vinyl playback.”


The MasterDeck ’table incorporates an encapsulated spiral groove inverted bearing, which was designed for “precision and stability.” This bearing system has been engineered to minimize friction and reduce wear, resulting in “an incredibly smooth turntable rotation.”


The MasterDeck sports an all-new dual-pivot carbon-fiber 10-inch tonearm, said to (again, their words) “epitomize the perfect blend of precision, control, and friction-free tracking.” Featuring a removable headshell, the MasterDeck tonearm allows for the fine-tuning of various cartridges. Adjustments include azimuth, vertical tracking angle (VTA), overhang, and anti-skate, all enhanced by premium internal wiring from Cardas Audio.


The MasterDeck offers three-speed selection to accommodate 33 1/3, 45, and 78rpm playback, and it has a fine-tuning trim adjustment precision control that is said to “enable users to make subtle speed modifications, ensuring an exact playback speed for every record.”


The MasterDeck also deploys a sensor-regulated motor equipped with a three-phase brushless DC drive, “isolated to prevent interference.” Harmonic Resolution Systems isolation feet have been engineered to provide 5.5° “of freedom,” and they effectively float the turntable in order to offer isolation from environmental vibrations and feedback so as to maintain the ’table’s overall stability.

Finally, the MoFi Electronics MasterDeck turntable has an SRP of $5,995.

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Features & Specs
Motor: belt drive (DC synchronous)
Playback speeds: 33 1/3rom, 45rpm, 78rpm (with ± trim adjustment)
Platter: 14.35lb (Delrin-coated aluminum)
Power consumption: <5W
Dimensions: 20 x 5.125 x 15.125in (w/h/d, without tonearm); 20 x 6.25 x 15.125in (w/h/d, with tonearm)
Weight: 37.4lb
Tonearm type: Unipivot/gimbal hybrid
Overhang: 0.71in (18mm)
Offset angle: 22.8°
Cartridge weight range: 5g-14g


Glotz's picture

I like the tonearm design and then some! The headshell is a great design and less contact points is always a good thing. On my J-style arm, headshells can be preconfigured in the same way, but not as ingenious as this design. Easy azimuth adjustment and really a more thought out approach to adding the clips later to reduce contact point quantities. The price is right for the performance parameters as well. Kudos.

Is that the new MoFi / MD location in Chicago? Looking good...

Amirali77's picture

Nice one!

philgo01's picture

Love the unit but at $6K, there are so many more options out there that has PROVEN track record. Don't quite understand the jump of over 100% from earlier models.

Torojano's picture

The additional cost may be the result of the turntable changing the record analog signal to DSD and then running it through a DAC so the output is Analog???

gromitsdad's picture

The 'prestige factor' of bragging to your friends that you paid $6k for a turntable is ridiculous. And if you pay thousands of dollars for a turntable, you deserve what you get. A WAY overpriced slab of wood with overpriced electronics within.

judybennet's picture

I really love this turntable master. It is awesome. I often use it to listen to music while playing undertale yellow which is an awesome game.

ropene4079's picture

The craftsmanship and attention to detail sound impressive. Having the turntable assembled in limited batches in Michigan and the choice of solid wood frame finishes adds a nice touch at my location

jeffreestar's picture

The MasterDeck turntable appears to offer a high level of precision, control, and stability, that's not my neighbor making it a compelling choice for audiophiles seeking top-tier performance in vinyl playback.