Ortofon's Leif Johannsen Stopped By Today

Ortofon's Chief Officer of Acoustics and Technology Leif Johannsen and Dee Hustinova, Ortofon U.S. General Manager stopped over today to show me a brand new Ortofon cartridge the design of which Leif has just completed. I can't talk about it or show it (that's why it's in his cupped hand).

Ortofon will announce it at High End Munich next month. Oh! I just noticed Leif forgot to take it with him. I think I'll set it up now and have a listen!

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will it fit on my close-n-play?

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Maybe it's Ortofon's answer to the Audio-Technica ART1000.

By the way, if Leif and Dee would like to stop by here, I can show them the gold-plated OM40 in the fancy wood case I bought back in the '80s - one of whose channels died soon after purchase. Maybe they can find a way to bring it back to life.

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You teaser.

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I never noticed before this photo that you stack your Per Madsen/Tribute racks 6 high. Ballsy! I always was afraid to go higher than 4.

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Shure never stops by to tease the latest M97XE, so what price point would make two Ortofon executives spontaneously drop by and play coy with a record needle?

Hmmm, he forgot to take it with him. That would make me think under a C note.

Traveling all the way to wherever it is they visited; that makes me think 15 grand.

Rather than thinking Audio Technica, I'd think Tzar DST range...so that's 10,000 dollars.

The Ortofon Anna is 8924.00. So, we'd have to go north of that, eh?

Lyra Atlas SL is ca 13,000.

Air Tight PC-1 Magnum Opus: $15,000

Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement MC is 15,000.

Koetsu Blue Lace Onyx Platinum is 15,000.

That's a lot of coincidentally identically priced needle stuff there at the top.

This is tough!

I will split the difference and go with 12,494.00.

OK, that's my guess.

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They were making the rounds! I wasn't the only stop...
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It's nice of you to say they were making the rounds, but, really...that's the stop!

My proof? They "forgot" it at your place!

Hard to make anymore rounds once they left it behind!

I am a fan of the Winfeld, my first MC was an Ortfon in the early/mid 70's...with thatvD-cell battery sized transformer!

I'm sure they are up no good here....likely great!

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... MF got a pre-production sample of the MC A100 and AD got a pre-production sample of the SPU A100.

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It's a ████████, it's a coil, it's a ██████████

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Yes, all the novelties will be in difficulty if these guys will come to the exhibition!