AXPONA 2017 Marketplace Walk Through

Take a walk through the AXPONA 2017 Marketplace with AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer

The photo at the top is of the latest Anvil turntable. We reviewed one of the Detroit-based company's first efforts back in 2012.

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I did not get a chance to view the entire video yet to see if Mikey featured it or not, but did anyone else see the nice cabinetry by Brokenpress Design + Fabrication in the Marketplace? They were just behind the Elusive Disc area, in one of the center aisles. It was a blast talking with Alex and his wife Jen, who is a former co-worker of a buddy of mine who lives in the Chicago area. They do emphasize the audiophile furnishings (credenzas, media storage, etc.), but Alex has the skills to make just about anything out of wood, beautifully so. Just wanted to give them a shout-out and give 'a little boost to some genuinely nice folks just trying to make a living at this. (I won't post a link, but they are easily found using your Googlez.)

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I wanted to make this year's show my first ever attending an audio show but couldn't find any buddies to tag along for the weekend. This video almost makes it feel like I was there. And without the temptation of buying more vinyl than would fit in my suitcase. Looking forward to more reports from the weekend. I need a new cartridge and a pair of speakers to replace 20 year old Thiel 1.5's.

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For the past two years I have "gone solo" on the Saturdays, since my buddies had bailed for Record Store Day. It is often easier when solo, as you can spend time in a single room without having to worry about holding up the rest of your party. It will be in Schaumburg next year, at the Renaissance Hotel--they had to move due to having 40+ new exhibitors this year, and had to turn many more away. This weekend, I was pretty much done after two days, but with more exhibitors next year, it might be a stretch to fit it all into three days.

The vinyl is no big deal at the Marketplace, though. Any new title can be purchased online cheaper, with free shipping and often, no tax. Even Music Direct has a 15% off code until mid May, for items they were selling at full price at the show. What I usually look for are the closeout or discounted items--some of the MoFi Elvis Costello pressings were only $20 each, for example. Some vendors have show specials, though, and it is worth looking at them for some bargains. (But I'm fortunate in that I am only about 4.5 hours away, can drive in, and not have to worry about bringing anything home. ;) )

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I'm a local. I missed the first year, went solo second year, with a friend the next two years, and solo again this year. Solo is good because you can focus on what you want, and if you're enjoying a room, you can stay as long as you want. With a friend is also good, because you can share impressions about which rooms are special, and maybe grab dinner afterward while traffic subsides. One of you may also be able to grab one of the better seats, and you can then trade with each other rather than waiting for a stranger to vacate a prime spot. A small group would be harder to manage, as Rudy suggests.

I have enjoyed show-going both ways. I have always gone only one day, but this year, there was so much to see, I wish I'd have gone two.

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Love the B.S. 6000! Best and funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I would buy his V-8 after seeing that one!

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Anvil = Highly Cool.

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I'm glad MA recordings has found a pressing plant that will press a quiet version of their wonderful Goldberg Variations recording with Ito Ema. My version is plagued with horrible surface noise, even though I bought it new, but despite that I can still tell it's a great recording.

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I went to their site and looked it over, I love it!
I love that they don't build a lot of different types, like they can't land on one thing, so they skip around, never getting it quite right.
Anvil looks like solid engineering, a well made piece of iron that you can hand down through the family. I hope the two adjustments are of tight tolerances and adjust smoothly with no slop. I am all in with this one! Buy it once and never have to replace it again!
Thanks for the showing!
(now if only a box of money could fall off a back of a truck...)