"Woodstock The Director's Cut" Coming For One Night to a Theater Near You!

Hard to believe 50 years have passed (well maybe not that hard to believe), but here we are (well, most of us anyway!). On Thursday, August 15th, theaters nationwide will bring back to movie theaters for the first time since it first opened, March, 1970. However, this will be the 3 hours and 44 minute "Director's Cut" version never before screened in theaters (there will be a single, short intermission).

The extended "Director's Cut" features performances by The Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin, both of which were omitted from the original cut. Michael Wadleigh's split-screen and multi-screen documentary received an Academy Award for Best Editing (to long-time Martin Scorsese collaborator Thelma Schoonmaker). Among the many credited assistant editors was Scorsese himself.

30 musical performances are in the film including ones by Jimi Hendrix, The Who, CS&N, and many others, along with all of the festival background interviews and sights. Even those of us who attended (me!) really didn't not get to fully experience Woodstock until we watched the movie.

For ticket information and to purchase tickets, please go to the Fathom Events website.

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I talked to a client about Woodstock. Seems he and a group of friends seven others strong piled into a VW Bug traveling from Louisiana. They stopped every couple of hours to stretch and use facilities. I asked him what he remembered about Woodstock. He replied it was really muddy.

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off his face. Only remembers the mud and not the bands. That's a Trip.

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I’ve heard the comment, “if you remember Woodstock, you weren’t there.”

I know one person who said she was there, but only remembers being sick for three days.

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...was at Woodstock and remembered all of it.
He spent a lot of time off to the side of the stage, and was visible in a few shots. That's how we knew he wasn't lying! He said he only drank from wine bottes he had brought himself to avoid being dosed with LSD. Big wino. His Dad was in the Mob and he got special treatment because of the connection. I never wanted to know more about that...

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The Band elected to not allow their set to be included in the movie. Perhaps they didn't want to be associated with "the counter-culture (they were part of the counter-counter-culture ;-), or maybe they didn't think their performance was up to snuff. Neither did C,S,&N, who went in the studio and re-recorded vocals for their out-of-tune live ones.

Levon Helm said that after hearing the other bands, they were concerned they would come off sounding like "choir boys". Just as they were about to start their first song, Levon said to the crowd "Hope y'all like Country music". Most Rock bands at that time were attempting to infuse their music with as much Blues as possible. Hearing Ten Years After and Canned Heat's sets in Woodstock reminds me of the band in the movie Ghost World, Blues Hammer. They bludgeoned the music!