Kestrel Audio KT-100 Turntable

We’re always on the hunt for young companies looking to make their mark in our analog-centric world, and today we put the spotlight on Kestrel Audio. A budding young British manufacturer, Kestrel Audio was founded by William Turrell and launced in March 2023. Turrell, who had previously worked as a CNC machinist for four years, has initially focused his design acumen on turntables, but we hear phono preamps and integrated amps may eventually be in the Kestrel product offing as well.

The KT-100, an upgrade from Kestrel’s entry-level KT-50 table, includes a TALK Electronics A5 Carbon uni-pivot tonearm with VTA collar. Kestrel points out that the A5 arm is “the same as what you would see on the Edwards Audio TT4 [Carbon] and TT5 [Carbon].” Additionally, the carbon-fiber 12mm arm tube is matched with the acetal subplatter and machined acrylic 12mm platter.


According to Kestrel, Turrell, who also identifies himself as having been a percussionist from an early age, “found that there was a market for wooden plinths with the TALK tonearms on [them].” Kestrel adds that (with some British vernacular in tow) the KT-100 was “our solution to supply the option of a slightly more compact plinth, for those with tighter set ups, whilst not necessarily having to lose out on any significant performance.”


The KT-100 is available in five different finishes: matte black, matte white, satin walnut, and satin oak. An optional phono stage is available (as is the case for its predecessor, the KT-50m for an additional £49.95). The KT-100 also boasts an electronic speed change, which can be found in the rear case along with the power button and ground terminal.


Also included with the KT-100 are a 12mm brass bearing housing, stainless-steel counterweight, custom 24V motor with plug-top PSU, clear acrylic Z-type dust cover, two rear-mounted RCA sockets, and related setup accessories.


Note that the KT-100 does not come fitted with a cartridge, but Zephyr C50 and C100 carts “may be available upon request, subject to availability.”

Finally, the Kestrel Audio KT-100 turntable has an SRP of £699, or $1,299.99 via their Canadian distributor. (We have yet to confirm a U.S. SRP for the KT-100, but will update that info here once/if we get one.)

For more about Kestrel Audio, go here.


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a legendary unipivot made for the LP12 back in 1989 or so (and avail for many years after.) PS - Kestrel Audio's site is down should anyone want to read more.

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Good news: the Kestrel Audio site is alive and well:

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I don't see this doing very well here. The bubble sticker is tacky and cheap looking. They should have gone a different route there or left it off entirely.

Leaving the speed change button on the back is also a UX fail.

I guess the arm is interesting if you like unipivot designs.

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...just for orKestrel music.

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from humungous sounding boards to low mass skeletal designs. Any manufacturer should listen to the P10 or Naia before embarking on a new design.