AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones ($699.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

A direct descendant of AudioQuest's award-winning NightHawk headphone, the closed-back NightOwl Carbon replaces its predecessor's biomimetic sound-diffusing grille with an intelligently designed aperiodic damping system for excellent isolation of external noise, ensuring privacy for the listener and those nearby.

NightOwl ships with two sets of earpads—Protein Leather Boost Pads for slightly enhanced treble clarity and Ultrasuede pads for slightly reduced bass impact—and includes a high-performance, non-microphonic cable with discrete mic/smartphone controls that enable phone calls and playback functions (Play, Pause, Skip) without compromising sound quality.

NightOwl's distinct packaging is actually an attractive travel case made of genuine leather, featuring a thickly padded internal compartment and accommodations for various headphone accessories. With NightOwl, AudioQuest hopes headphone enthusiasts will feel inspired to listen longer, later, and with greater pleasure, enjoying unsurpassed comfort and deep immersion in music, videos, and games.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win.

Mrs. Peel's picture

Would love to win these.

old_school's picture

I would love to own them

Big Cap's picture

DragonFly Black. My Sennheisers need some competition.

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win!

claybleckley's picture

Oh, yes, please!

anomaly7's picture

I think those would fit my head nicely, and fill it with beautiful music.

Oliver A.'s picture

Nice to see you

Spwill's picture

Would look nice next to my grados!

markbrauer's picture

to my Sennheisers

HiFiMark's picture


trumbldw's picture

Love the look!

lars karlsson's picture

Looks great,send a pair,please!

jdmoviebuff's picture

I need headphones !!

Steelhead's picture

Positively better looking than my current 10 dollar pair (and suspect much better sounding)

AlienRendel's picture

I have a head. I could really use these!

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

tcjarvis's picture

Have to admit, these would be nice.

bvanpelt's picture

Has anyone heard, or used, any of the predecessor versions of these headphones?

selimsivad's picture

Pick me!

jh4all's picture

Thanks for the opportunity at a chance to win this. Good luck all.

bmwalker's picture

I'm up all hours of the night playing music through my speakers. I need some headphones. I would appreciate them very much. My neighbors would appreciate me having them very, very much. Thanks!

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Bigmule1972's picture

Looks like a great set of headphones...

TerryWI's picture

Sign me up.

UA1229's picture

If I keep entering, maybe this time.

tjingram's picture

Count me in!

Bskeane's picture

I'm in!

Roy Martin's picture

I'm in.

StonedBeatles1's picture

For All Of Us..

net_nakul's picture

I guess I'll join too.


Let's go :)

rockchef's picture

Cracking looking cans

vinylguy's picture

Great site...Hope I win...

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mariojzz's picture

just what i need

MikeT's picture

I love headphones and would love to have a pair of these!!

buared's picture

Music to my ears!

drobin71's picture

I use headphones, these are made to be used.... perfect match.

DaK's picture

Night owl? Thats me!!!'

duskdrums's picture

Hope to win!

MrRom92's picture

…but especially me :)

robbr's picture

I'll be a happy camper!

Yanakis Dionisios's picture the winner!

Cohnbread's picture

I too would like some new headphones. Pick me pick me!

Zardoz's picture

My old phones have died.

garymckee's picture

My preferred way to listen

mdcomdial's picture

Count me in.

Manimaldoug's picture

I could use em:)

chipridd's picture

I would love these. I did a demo once with the original version and really liked them.

VictorV's picture

Count me in

relENTless's picture

I think these would compliment my Grados nicely...

moosehunt's picture

more of a Nightowl...

volvic's picture

I need need need

palasr's picture

I'm clean...

punkzter's picture

why not

wesm's picture

Nice looking headphones

R3's picture

because it's noisy at work

JR465's picture

Pick me please...

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These would be great!

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azmoon's picture

I bet they sound good too....

J. Carter's picture

I would love to have these!

mraudioguru's picture

I'll take a chance.

rshak's picture

to replace my aging Grado 'phones.

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wfkthree's picture

I do need a pair!

AnalogJ's picture

Sorry about this, but it's my turn to win. ;-)

Steve Edwards's picture

I have never experienced cans of this caliber .......
looking forward to the ride

Thank you

afarooqui's picture

Would love to get the Nightowls


gst510's picture

Interesting about the two different earpads. Is this common in high end cans these days?

BliggigtyBlah's picture

Over here!

starman1573's picture

my hearing aids need all the help they can get

armaloney's picture

would be nice

dolsey01's picture

My big ol head needs some kicking headphones.

badboss429's picture

Please sign me up for the headphone drawing Michael. Thank you.

Miner42's picture

akovo's picture

Yes, I would.

SunRa2000's picture

Need another set to go along with my original Nighthawks

amcevoy's picture

Sign me up.

ravenacustic's picture

I hope I win. My wife is unhappy with the miniscusle signal she can hear from my open back headphones. I NEED THESE TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE..Give a guy a break and pick me out of the hat!

vuckozagi's picture

They sounded really nice when I tried them.

econalan's picture

feeling lucky!

terrybbagit's picture

Since my headphones just broke yesterday

mrl1957's picture

...maybe the NightOwl Carbon will take me to a higher level. I'm game!!!

evilroyslade's picture

These will fit. Love to have em.

Dobro910's picture

Looks great. Good luck to all!

JanS's picture

These are about the coolest looking headphones I've ever seen! They'll do for the entire night!

cdvinyl's picture

I'd like to win

Chemguy's picture

Yes! Please and thank you!

Andy Slusar's picture

Count me in!

nordsud's picture

Pls send by FEDEX. Thanks.

M-Sevs's picture

4 Privacy

gak27's picture

...send to me to further my quest...

adcastro's picture

These would plug in nicely to my RDC-7...

CarterB's picture

let's win this

innergroove16's picture

Would love to win these!

jazzguy's picture

Just what I need.

teachscience's picture

Please, please, please!

steveoxf's picture

And be a U.S resident !!
What have you got against us guys in the rest of the world Mikey ?

Bob Harden's picture

Would love these!

Mistermuse1's picture

Would love to try those!

eFlatBlues's picture

These would be great

Corsair's picture

Really interested in a closed can. Looking at the oppo pm-3. Currently own QC-25 and need an upgrade. Let me know if you have any recommendations, people. $400 budget. Using with Dragonfly black, but the dac/amp will likely be upgraded to who knows what in the future.

MarkD's picture

Count me in.

Chris Everhart's picture

I hope they sound as nice as they look!

A_Bord's picture

Love 'em. Would love to wear these all day work.

No6's picture

Please include me- dreamed of these.

theboogeydown's picture


audiof001's picture

'cause I never win anything!!!!! :- (

McFaden's picture

So I hope to win these and keep on rocking. Thanks!

soundman45's picture

Would Love a New Pair of Cans.

Brother John's picture

Pick me please. Love Audioquest products!

torturegarden's picture

I love their cables, would love to try out their headphones.

noirx7's picture

Would be nice to have a set of these!

Matty Dread's picture

I'm all ears!

Rudy's picture

Gimme dat! :D Great contest BTW. Thanks!

jon9091's picture

I will only listen to vinyl with these beautiful things.

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ssorg's picture

if you don't mind's picture


kandrew's picture

Would love to win.

Groovemeister's picture

Sensitive ears would thank you!

Nova's picture

Great to see AQ's line of headphones expanding and responding to critical feeback.

sennj's picture

I'm in for these.

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would I like a pair of these...

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I could really use these. My old phones are showing their age.

malco49's picture

my oppo PM3's are tired of being top dog

malco49's picture

i would really like these

Doctor A's picture

I'd love to be the proud owner of these! Please place me in the drawing. Thanks

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4 me.

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Look great!

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I need some new cans!

Stringreen's picture

Who me?

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Please Please Please!

martian's picture

But I'd certainly like to be.

spyder1's picture

They are a modern design.

thxphotog's picture

They will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine!

MAbx's picture

Wow, it looks good. I bet it will sound even better!!!

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I would love to have these!

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I would love to win these. Who wouldn't?

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I would to own these.

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I'm so in!

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Prove me wrong

RCZero's picture

I've never tried the headphone jack on my amp...

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I would love to own a pair!