Pro-Ject The Beatles SGT. Pepper Essential III, Special Edition Turntable Sweepstakes

Register to win a Pro-Ject The Beatles SGT. Pepper Essential III, Special Edition Turntable (value $500.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"Pro-Ject is celebrating the 54th anniversary of a Beatles' landmark with our "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"-inspired Essential III turntable."


"This high-performance table is based on one of our most popular models and features variable 33/45 RPM speeds. It's also one of the most striking pieces in our entire collection. We're excited to be collaborating with our friends at Stereophile and Analog Planet to offer readers a chance to own this historic piece."

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

javabarn's picture

Beatles and Project .. excellent combo...

Arnie's picture

Beatles were the real Rock and Roll Band not the Stones


DAMP's picture

It was 30 years ago today I have been wanting a new turntable!

MikeT's picture

My wife thinks the audio system takes up too much room, but she is a massive Beatles fan. This will make her day - a Beatles Turntable!!!!

gjetson's picture

I'm turning 64 later this year -- would make a lovely birthday surprise!

Roy Martin's picture

...should be mine.

Flatbubba's picture

Paul: Any ideas on how to end Hey Jude?

John: Nah

George: Nah

Ringo: Nah

George Martin: Nah

kramth's picture

this would look great in my family room! Count me in please.

Static's picture

My collection of Beatles Vinyl is ready to be played on the proper turntable.

HalSF's picture

I want a free Pepper turntable.

Emu-72's picture

Great AP giveaway! Thanks!

WaltGII's picture


RinziRadio's picture

-- for my daughter!

RinziRadio's picture

-- for my daughter!

horaciojervis's picture

Thanks for the chance to win.

Dpoggenburg's picture

Lovely table!

Spwill's picture

Could use another turntable!

Wymax's picture


RVG Edition's picture

What fun would it be to have this revolver.

terrybbagit's picture

Another great giveaway this month would love to win this

Bomberbooey's picture

This would be an awesome upgrade to my Rock room. Thanks for the chance to win!

richiep's picture

I remember the 1st listen, an older friend went song by song in 1969 explaining how great they were as we studied the Album cover, he was correct, still relevant today. Love to win one for the wife, thanks.

Haskle1's picture

Let’s go!

shemply's picture

What a Great Way to hook my 24 year old Daughter on Vinyl! Cool looking table--even cooler classic Music

seltaeb's picture

My father-in-law just presented me with his MINT condition mono copy of Sgt. Pepper's that he bought in June 1967! What better turntable to play it on!

Uncle Taiji's picture

Count me in.

jlevine's picture

Hope I win!

Philly69's picture

My TT just died so it would be really nice to win this one! My wife just lost her job as well so money has been tight.

Radyson's picture

Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Nightfly3000's picture

Mr. Fremer!

MrValve's picture

Both vinyl related. Cool!

KG_Jag's picture

Would love to have this edition of Beatles TT.

mikerr's picture

on the patio

orthobiz's picture

let's do it!

rshak47's picture

. . . and I want it!

TSOP's picture

... would you read my entry?

michaelouimette's picture

Still sounds good to me. Thank you Project for the chance to win.

torturegarden's picture

Cool looking 'table.

GFaulk's picture

You can never have too many turntables.

jfingers's picture

Count me in

romo's picture

With a little help from my friends..

mrbruce's picture

And it would make great music sound better!

norhabs33's picture

It's been twenty years ago today I subscribed to Analog Planet. Yeah....

Bernardo Ordona's picture

Very Cool!

Bspeis's picture

I wanna win something!

michael paul's picture

Must listen to The Beatles on VINYL.

gsuen's picture


SWC's picture

So many friends hear about music, vinyl, and Beatles from me, having this to show them (and pass along to a lucky one) would be excellent.

patunnell's picture

This would be nice.

Bluejimbop's picture

to my new turntable.

warpig's picture

Need a decent turntable for a second system.

tedcole's picture

Lucy in the sky with turntable.....

anomaly7's picture

My heart would be lonely no more if I won this!

Vinyl Rules's picture

Was it Detective Harry Callahan who said, “Are you feeling lucky, punk?”

noklew's picture

All You Need is Love

DocSamG's picture

The greatest non Jazz album of all time and a great looking table. Would love to win this.

yuckysamson's picture

in my yellow submarine.

Gabe Walters's picture

A day in the life with this turntable would have me counting all the holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

haves's picture

I've been using a Project tone arm for years, now I can get the rest of the turntable

dasacco's picture

By winning this turntable!

Drjamo25's picture

Love the turntable!!!

Keith Brace's picture

This would be great gift for a new vinyl affascinto

Realred's picture


salesmonster's picture

I really really need this table to get back into analog!

noirx7's picture

Very cool prize!

bahringe's picture

What an awesome combo

bahringe's picture

What an awesome combo

8thman's picture

Already have my Beatles albums lined up for this turntable.

davenportbuzz's picture

That's a beauty. Count me in!

niftymusic's picture

Would love to spin my Beatles vinyl on this turntable!

earthbound's picture

I hope

vinylrules's picture

That’s all!


audiotom's picture

Thanks for offering this Pepper table

I had some store credit at my audiophile store a few years ago and bought the George Harrison Project table

Was hoping one day my son or daughter would be interested

Unopened and one day it will spin a little sitar music in his honor

dconsmack's picture

a Beatles turntable.

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win

vince's picture

I hope

2_channel_ears's picture

It's Wonderful To Be Here

mtglass's picture

To my Beatles collection!

stretch35's picture

…for my niece , the young Beatles lover….and me too!


robert r dawson's picture

count me in!

lomarti's picture

A Splendid time is guaranteed for all and tonight Mr. Kite is topping the bill.

nogan's picture

This would be great

WilliamC's picture

I was born the same year when the Beatle's album came out. I would love to give my nephew this TT so that he can listen to my vinyl collection.

Thanks Project!

recordhead's picture

to slap a WHO sticker on it

abertawe's picture

This looks really cool.

abertawe's picture

This turntable looks really cool.

timlmd's picture

…is getting better all the time!
What a great promotion.

Jebellwax's picture

One of the best ever.

michaelj's picture

I want that.

drummer808's picture

This turntable would be perfect in my office audio system. Count me in!

Critter's picture

Thank you!

jek's picture

Loving that platter.

jrobbins50's picture

It’s now — I turned 64 on 5/20. How apropos for this contest! Cheers. JCR

Yanakis Dionisios's picture

......will love it!

Tom L's picture

Count me in.

wesm's picture

I would love to have it.

MrRom92's picture

I hope this comment isn’t profane or spam!

Alan Abentrod's picture

Pro-Ject Help I need somebody, HELP! I have my Beatles records but no turntable, HELP!

vmartell's picture

And send the turntable! :D

MrGneiss's picture

My turn to win!! :-D

MartyTem's picture

I Feel Fine about my chances of winning this table.

kinnomimi3's picture

will be using it Eight Days A Week!

sirnose's picture

... I'll put a "Paul is dead" sticker on it!

DemonBox's picture

Count me in!Thanks for all the great posts over the years! Greeting from Norway.

tedonald's picture

All aboard!!

drumbot's picture

Beatles are great. But Led Zeppelin are favorites.

Bigmule1972's picture

To win this !!!!

analogkid14's picture

Good Morning Good Morning

bethjim's picture

I need one of these

donhan1's picture

I just got the album out, all I need is the turntable!!

kb54's picture

Surely I'm due!

rickyjay's picture

I like all of their special editions.

famorgens's picture

I owe it to Mr. Fremer that I have the Beatles in Mono box set. It's fabulous!

Arvo Palm-Leis's picture

Will the Hendersons be there?

atmer's picture

For my Son in Law, B. Hughes, West Point Grad & Army Ranger,
a huge Beatles Fan!

SteveinCleve's picture

I must admit that the first time I heard Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, when it first came out, I thought the Beatles had lost their minds. After listening a few more times, I realized what a masterpiece it was!

hadrovinyl54's picture

I am the 5th Beatle!

Mealticket's picture

On a Pro-Ject turntable.

TerryWI's picture

Looks great!

Iggyvee1540's picture

This would look great in my system.

swimming1's picture

Are they any other bands?

evilroyslade's picture

Help From My Friends I could win this.

fishbone35's picture

Great looking table. Count me in!

JoeESP9's picture

Count me in please.

Zardoz's picture

Put me in the hat. If I win, I'll be in the sky with diamond(s).

unclebill's picture

Its the Beatles.

immltng's picture

It would be perfect for a friend of mine

holdbyedges's picture

Great ‘table commemorating greatest band, I’m in!

Ruben Sano's picture

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan. Poet Laureate of my generation. Oh yeah, I like the Beatles too.

dsdeschenes's picture

Got to Get You into My Life

rexlibris's picture

I would love to win a great table like this!

csenning's picture

Love me some Pro-Ject analog.

dnb4's picture

Do you feel lucky, well do ya, punk?

ivansbacon's picture

"And it really doesn't matter if
I'm wrong I'm right
Where I belong I'm right
Where I belong"

flamingroove's picture

nice looking turntable
would be neat if this old guy wins!

jbmitchellcolo's picture

This would be a great one to own for sure.

wimartin's picture


spyder1's picture

Beautiful creation of modern art.

Newman's picture

I don't have a turntable.

wfkthree's picture

I hope I will enjoy the show!'s picture

I never win anything. Surprise me!

ronton99's picture

I would like to enter the drawing.

mstcraig's picture

I'll take it!

flamingeye's picture

my Technics TT stopped working after 40 years this would be a great replacement

Gstepcox's picture

Yes! New TT Thnx✌️

FSTNBLBS's picture

yes..please(please me..)

joeslang's picture

I'll have to look into these Beatle fellows. Hopefully they're not another Rolling Stones knock-off band. I kid, I kid. Don't hurt me.

gringostarr's picture

Fingers crossed!

btonuzi's picture

Looks good. I’m in...good luck to all!

btonuzi's picture

....spin some tunes with lovely Rita...