Murray Head's Nigel Lived 2-Disc 45 RPM Set Sweepstakes

Register to win a copy of Murray Head's Nigel Lived 2-Disc 45 RPM Set from Intervention Records (retail value $38) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Murray Head's Nigel Lived is a groundbreaking classic and one of the boldest, most daring and inventive albums of all time. Recorded by the great recording engineer Phill Brown, Nigel Lived is from the golden era of all-analog recording, a sonic and musical masterpiece that every music lover and audiophile simply must have.

Nigel Lived is an ambitious, experimental album full of great songs that required stunningly diverse recording techniques and instrumentation on every track. There are beautiful acoustic works that draw a straight line to Murray's later albums like "Ruthie" and "When You Wake Up In The Morning," there are straight-up rockers and amazingly innovative tracks like "Religion" and the sprawling "Junk."


Nigel Lived was mastered directly from recording engineer Phill Brown's 1/4" 15-ips analog tapes from 1972. Phill was gracious enough to let Intervention and CoHEARent Audio's Kevin Gray cut directly from these beautiful-sounding tapes. Intervention early on made the decision that Nigel's re-release had to be a double LP set at 45 RPM to preserve the magnificent sonics Murray, Phill and Co. put on tape and make the best-sounding Nigel possible.

Nigel's original vinyl release was very challenging to cut with side 1 at over 22 minutes and side 2 at an amazing 27 minutes of run time! There's no doubt, especially on side 2, that levels had to be dropped, and the bass had to be filtered on the original LP. Our 45 RPM cuts required no comprimises of any kind, so people today can hear Nigel at his best on his 45th birthday!

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I'm in it to win it! :)

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Sign me up, Mikey!!

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Also in it to win it!!

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Please pick me!

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His albums are hard to find. I never see them when crate-digging here in New Zealand.

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I aim to win.

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I really hope that the weird troll will not win the prize...

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... just red the book "Are we still rolling" by Phill Brown. Phill thinks today, that this record is one of his finest works!

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... and fingers crossed


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Would be nice to win this one, best of luck to everyone!

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Yes please!

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I'm in.

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...One Night in Bangkok!

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because I've never heard it.

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saw the stereophile article. would love to hear it.

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Would love to win this

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Would love to add to my collection of vinyl

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I'm game, count me in!

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I'm in!

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I deserve to win......

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I am overdue for some new music!

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And the winner is....?

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anything by Intervention Records is a gem. Thanks for the opportunity. Play on

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Already have the CD. Would love to hear the LP. Still listen to my original LP of Say It Ain't So.

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please. Thank you.

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so let me win

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Count me in.

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I want.

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Fingers crossed

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Let's go!

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Great prize!

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Nigel (live).

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I can spend the $ I save by winning this on other vinyl.

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I'm in alignment for a Win!

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Count me in

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Entering the contest

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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I'd like to win!

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...treat her right.

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They are doing everything right. Keep it up!

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The record, I want it.

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Thanks! I hope to win!

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I have always heard about this album, but never had a chance to hear it. Now I have a chance.....

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Unless I don't win, then he didn't exist!

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I'm in it to win it. Thanks

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Love this site...

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Would love a copy!

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It would be a pleasure to win this (or anything for that matter)!

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I'll buy another Intervention release.

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Would love to hear this!

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You rule as always.

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to my collection!

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of Murray Head. Just gave it a listen, very interesting indeed!

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but I'll buy it if I don't.

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add this piece to my collection

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I like it

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Damn great choice for a great reissue! Time well spent doing this one!

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my lucky comment (I hope). :)

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n'est pas?

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Above the waistline, sunshine.

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I'd love one...

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I will win!

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To paraphrase Murray Head, "me please".

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I can win!

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Are registered to win!!!!

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Love anything that Kevin Gray is associated with. Should sound awesome!

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Heard a lot about it!

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Me, i need it

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I'd like to hear it.

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Sounds good

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I'd like to play this for the kids.

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Wow, I want that!

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Feeling lucky today, want to have this!

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thank you for the chance to win a wonderful lp,,, it would sound wonderful on my dual 1237 (its the best i could afford) if i win i will clean it and sleeve it up with a mofi inner and outer,, i will spend time with it talk to it and take care of it as if it was my child....

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Great back story in Stereophile....

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I've been searching for a copy and would love to have Intervention's release.

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Yes, please!

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Nigel and I, its just right.

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Give it to me

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Hopefully adding this to my collection!

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I...just....can't....resist...the...pun......Yes, I like getting some Head!

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Here's hoping!

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Got to be in it, to win it!

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Ligne ingle ligne

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brought to you by the power of positive thinking...

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I'll take it.

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A big fan of what Intervention Records is doing with reissues.

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I've already pre-ordered it from Mr. Bezos's Company-out-to-take-over-the-World-of-Retail but I would rather be able to cancel the order and do less to support that Company. So, give it to me please.

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Would be heavenly if I won.

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I have the original version released in '72 but it's a bit beat up now. Would love to hear a clean version on vinyl of this most remarkable album.

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Wouldn't mind a copy of this myself :)

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One of the great, undiscovered classics.

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never heard this particular record so would love to win.

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I am sure it sounds awesome, plan to purchase regardless.

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I've never heard this album, but if Mike says it's great then that's good enough for me.

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I'll have one. Don't mind if I do!

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I would love a copy.

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Jesus Christ Superstar, I would love to win this!

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hopefully me! Thank you Intervention Records and Analog Planet.

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Sounds amazing!

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I admit I didn'tknew the record before I read Phill Brown fantastic book. I am still looking for original but this rerelease is something I don't want to miss.

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haven't won yet

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I have several original German pressings of Murray Head's albums. He has been truly underrated.

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Oh yes, would like to win this one!!!!

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i'm in

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I would love to add this to my $14 album collection!

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the original Judas.

Thanks for another shot at AAA bliss

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Would be a great way to celebrate the first anniversary of my Prime with.

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Expanding musical horizons...

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love the cover...

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love the cover...

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quality album art on this one

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Count me in!

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can't afford much but still here and love the site and information!

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Just listened to this album on Tidal and I would love to have it on vinyl.

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I've been looking for this!

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My odds seem slim. Good Luck to all.

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I would love to own this.

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15 ips and 45 rpm they are

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Dr. Phil said so

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Never heard it. Looks interesting.

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I'm in!

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Thanks for another great article.

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Nigil will live and spin in my cave if I score it.

Thanks for the chance.

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I enjoyed his Judas, so I'm keen to hear his Nigel. Thanks.

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Thanks you sir!

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45 speed has been set.

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Looking forward to a new album

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I didn't know he existed

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Let's hope it was a good life!

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Hope to win this gem!

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I wouldn't mind having a copy of Nigel Lived.

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Again, I am in very eager anticipation for another of Mike Fremer's peerless recommendations! ......And 45rpm as well!