Fender Partners With Mo-Fi To Produce This Limited Edition Beauty

Fender the guitar company announced on September 21st the release of this limited edition "The Fender x Mo-Fi PrecisionDeck" turntable created in association with Mo-Fi. The Fender Custom Shop's principal Master Builder Yuriy Shiskov crafted the shape using the same swamp ash wood used in the iconic Fender Precision Bass guitar.

The limited to a run of 1000 units, made in U.S.A. "Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck" sold for $3495. Why the past tense? Apparently the run of 1000 immediately (or quickly) sold out. Whether that means at retail or wholesale was not clear. For more details go to MoFi's site. As with the turntable from which this unique model was sourced, it's a very serious turntable that with this model has some added visual cool.

Here's something you might not have known: Leo Fender in the early 1940s operated Fender Radio Service in Fullerton, CA. In 1945, Fender, with fellow inventors Doc Kauffman and Clifton Abbott, designed and patented a turntable of his own!

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I’d wanna hear this baby via the Pioneer S-A4SPT-PM Pure Malt Speakers.

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very cool partnership. Much prefer this to the themed picture tables.

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Nice, reminds me of the Fender / S.T. Dupont collaboration: https://www.st-dupont.com/hk_en/be-exceptional-1/types/fender-collection...

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The Fender version is actually a lot nicer looking than the standard MoFi decks IMO. Maybe, in the spirit of Fender's "relic" guitars (super high priced guitars made to look aged and road worn), we'll see a Relic TT version with a premium price to boot LOL

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Where is the Whammy bar, it should have tremolo.
-You are gonna need an amp that you can turn up to 11.

I have a sudden urge to put on Jimi Hendrix "Star spangled banner"

Can i run it through my Fender Twin Reverb Amp?

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Wouldn't you need an 'Olympic White' Fender TT?

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It could be a little bigger for me.

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I already have an ultra deck and really like it. If I didn’t this one would definitely be on my list.

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I already have an ultra deck and really like it. If I didn’t this one would definitely be on my list.

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It sold out immediately.

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Although the price is reasonable, I wonder how many of the 1000 were really in the market for a such a turntable versus collectors who may not actually use it in their system.

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This table is not sold out, at least as of 9/27/21. MD website shows it as Out of Stock, presumably because they have not been built yet. I was able to order, and was told I'll probably get one of the first batch, perhaps in six weeks.

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realize Leo Fender used swamp ash on the earliest Esquires/Broadcasters/Telecasters. But a wood's acoustic properties still contribute to the sustain and overall tonal balance, even on solid body electric guitars.

Seems to me that a wood's resonant tonal qualities that make finer instruments would be antithetical to those desired in a turntable plinth?

What's next: a Les Paul gold top turntable? (Hopefully Gibson would have the good sense not to go there after the prior ownership's disastrous acquisition of consumer audio brands)

And I don't even want to imagine the feedback that would emerge from a Martin acoustic guitar-inspired TT-45 turntable with Indian rosewood and sitka spruce. (Okay, imagine all albums sounding like extended opening to Lennon's 'I Feel Fine' segueing into Lou's 'Metal Machine Music')

Of course, if it were a "pre-CBS" Fender turntable that would be a different story... (joke for guitar gear folks)

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Should have made the tonearm look like a whammy bar.

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It's a good sound! The sound in the game papa's burgeria also creates attraction and a thrilling space