Another Hat in the Record Storage and Display Ring: Pratherteam

AnalogPlanet recently received this email from Brit Prather of Pratherteam:

"I wanted to notify you of our small company which specializes in vinyl storage. We offer record racks for on deck listening, small collections and displays for now spinning records which are free standing or wall mounted. As a small company comprised of my husband and I designing and making these units, we’re reaching out to you in marketing efforts for exposure to grow our business".

Visit the website and you'll see both the vinyl related product offerings and how the couple does business. You''ll also see that they have excellent musical taste (Smog's The Doctor Came At Dawn here, Slint's Tweez and others elsewhere) and price reasonably their well-crafted vinyl display products. Always happy to publicize such endeavors.

John G's picture

Looks nice, wish it had a wooden back rather than the pipe. Not sure I’d want my records resting against the pipe.

azmoon's picture

Not enough weight there to do any damage.

analogdw's picture

Looks like quality stuff

Chemguy's picture

...But who has only 20 albums?

audioholic63's picture

I did. When I was 10.

Michael Fremer's picture
I laughed. I needed one! Thanks.
azmoon's picture

better than piling LPs on the floor. Looks nice.

GruvyWade's picture

I could see putting one of these on top of my regular shelf for 'recent arrivals'. I like the idea of keeping these records forward-facing, since sometimes (usually) I listen to a newly acquired record only once and then file and forget about it. The wall-mount shelves on their site look nice, too.

shib's picture

Any suggestions for storage like a wooden crate specifically for 10" vinyl?