Donald Fagen Sunken Condos Vinyl LP Sweepstakes

Register to win one of two Donald Fagen Sunken Condos Vinyl LPs (MSRP $39.99/each) we are giving away between now and Thursday night.

About the album:

His solo trilogy of The Nightfly, Kamakiriad and Morph the Cat behind him, the eternal Jersey boy hipster Donald Fagen decided he had a great deal more to say, so he's back with his fourth solo album, the title probably inspired by his reading a real estate column at the height of the housing bubble bust. The cover art shows a building "swimming with the fishes" as only a New Jersey boy could conceive. As for the music, it's classic Fagen character creating and storytelling set to infectious, funky beats. Fagen has always been sound-conscious and most of us have long forgiven him for opting to record The Nightfly digitally when good ol' analog still ruled the studios. Today, there's hardly a choice. Oh, well. Donald still cares about sound and does his best with the digits. Our friends at Warner Brothers/Reprise Records offered us two copies to give away of this double 180g pressed on clear RTI vinyl gatefold set mastered for vinyl (we trust from high resolution files) by Scott Hull at Masterdisk.

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Ptruce's picture

hope it's a great lp ...

pagopher's picture

I hope this is another great one.

only analog for me's picture

We can never have enough vinyl, can we? too bad its from all those soulless digits...

John G's picture

I'm a big fan.

questfortone's picture

I love this album, can't wait for the vinyl version!

matthra's picture

Please.  Thank you.

drumarty's picture

love this album!

Chuck Martin's picture

Love, love, love his music!

tbromgard's picture

Hope I win this time!

bhartley's picture

No one grooves like Fagan.  Count me in.

cfitz's picture

Thanks for another great opportunity.

Barr Plexico's picture

I would love to win this album! 

Thank you.

Shaffer's picture

I'm in.

firthy's picture

Still waiting on that spandex jacket....

mrclnglr's picture

to hearing it. Wishing myself good luck.

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jeremyquam's picture

Oooooo Pick Me!

jeremyquam's picture

Oooooo Pick Me!

Lane_E's picture

Select me, select me!

JC1957's picture

Right here!

MartyTem's picture

Always ready to give new vinyl a spin!

E.R.Price's picture

Pick me! Pick me!

MusicNut612's picture

Wouldn't mind adding another copy of this LP to the collection. Some great funky music and the sound quality is pretty nice as well.

NRVinyl82's picture

Digging this album, all the better on wax

flatmap's picture

And another LP from a great talent would be welcome.

vinyl listener's picture

... hope this is a good one.

Puffer Belly's picture

TexDave1212's picture

Like to win this one, heard good reviews on it! Waiting to spin it, lol!

nogan's picture

Would love a chance to hear/own it on vinyl.

Wcwc's picture

The album sounds much more like a steely Dan album than his other solo albums.

DeeJayBump's picture

I'll take a chance on winning one.


UncleHalsey's picture

I will rock the house with Sunken Condos vinyl. I have a special place picked out, right next to Nightfly.

jeffrosen's picture

Now you're talking about some music I would like to hear

Gabriel Benaim's picture

Im in.

horaciojervis's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win.

MikeT's picture

The would be a great addition to my collection. Donald Fagen LPs usually sound great. I'm in.

Sinny's picture

Got to be in it to win it.

Synaptic's picture

recently and it sounds great

Fsonicsmith's picture

should one come my way.I was gonna buy a copy when it was issued but felt the price was out of line. Would love to know why certain labels charge twice as much as others.

MusicNut612's picture

It's a 2x180g issue. Most 1LP 180g are costing around $25-30 a piece. $40 for a 2LP 180g on clear vinyl isn't uncalled for at all. Be glad you're not a fan of hip-hop vinyl. You'd shit your pants if you seen the prices on some of that. $10-15+ for goddamn flexi records. So again, $40 in today's vinyl market for this is very reasonable.

DDGI's picture

I'm in.

ronfi's picture

I just recently picked up the remastered Aja lp and would love to add this one too!

root1's picture

Will the third time be the charm for winning anything? I'm a realist so probably not, but I do enjoy Analog Planet.


npad21's picture

Just when I'd spent the last piaster I could borrow...

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sluggobeast's picture

Nice to know that Donald Fagen is still making new music -- and would love to hear his new release on vinyl!

ebuzz's picture

Hope I get lucky this time.

jesuswept's picture

I'm 51, I've been going to audiophile stores and shows for 25 years and I don't need to hear Steely Dan or Donald Fagin or even Walter Becker ever again as long as I live.

There are literally hundreds of new vinyl albums and EPs and singles being released every month these days.  Tons of new and interesting and challenging music to discover.   And what does Analog Planet choose to cover?  The Beatles and Steely F*****g Dan. 

This site is rapidly disappearing down a rabbit hole of old-guy nostalgia. 

grey17's picture

I'm in.

luvvinyl's picture

Love to have this album on vinyl!

vince's picture

Funny, I ordered a copy yesterday!

jlstrat's picture

This guy's stuff is always great.

DocSamG's picture

Great website.  This would be sweet.

jimel84's picture

I would like to swim away with this one.

"Gurgle gurgle"

timise's picture

Count me in

mraudioguru's picture

Now I need the LP!!!

chumlie's picture

I want to win.

Mikke's picture

Denmark calling for one of the samples....

Slow Turtle's picture

wolff's picture

my birthday is tomorrow!!!

DBKDMND's picture

Great sound!

Ven's picture

Hope the vinyl is as good as the CD.

peterspencer10's picture

I'll take it!

JB's picture

I would love to win this one!

myheroiscoltrane's picture

Would like to hear this one.

BubbaMike's picture

don't know the queen of soul?

storym's picture

Great Album! Have all of his.

2_channel_ears's picture

What not to want Donald "Enigma" Fagen?  I always thought the MoFi Aja was one of my greatest sounding albums (well at least in the late 70/80's sort of way).  The Cisco 30th anniv. edition blows it away to the extrem.  Would love to hear what he's doing in modern times.

Thanks for doing these giveaways Mikey.

SWC's picture

Been a fan of Fagen for decades

GEKone's picture

Me Tu Please

tedonald's picture

He can do no wrong!!

otaku2's picture

luckily my condo didn't get sunken last month.

unclebill's picture

OK I'm in

liuj88's picture

Me, please.

Kalev's picture

I want.

rocketmotor's picture

would love to listen to it

bremble's picture

Fan from the early Dan days.

NeoSoulGroove's picture

Something new is always goood!!

Yennes's picture


Jeff_Turk's picture

I just scored a Technics 1210 and would love to hear this on it. I am poor, supporting a wife who hoards and 3 teenagers. Give me this one bright moment - I spent all my money on the 1210 and only have scratchy Larry Gatlin records from St Vinny's. I thank you in advance.

grandtatty's picture

I'm in!

orthobiz's picture

Too late?