Boys Don't Cry by Rumer LP Sweepstakes

Register to win one of 25 Boys Don't Cry by Rumer LPs (MSRP $24.98 each) we are giving away.

According to the press:

“We seem to be, in England, capable of bringing these singers out like Adele, Duffy, and Amy Winehouse and Now Rumer. People with extraordinary voices. They don’t come along that often and then you get one that comes along like Rumer’s. Just extraordinary, a beautiful voice. She’s going to be a huge star.” – Sir Elton John

"It is so nice to have a singer just sing a song without the frills and the diva tricks. Rumer really delivers the goods." – Burt Bacharach

"Rumer is wonderful, a real gutsy singer." – Carly Simon 

"Rumer (born Sarah Joyce) has one of those timeless, jazz-soul voices--like Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, and Adele--that makes you stop and pay attention." – Vanity Fair

“We have a feeling she is about to break out into a league of her own very soon.” – Nylon

“A singer sure to become a stateside star later this year.” – New York Daily News

“The most exciting new talent of the moment.” – The Observer

“Stunning… the world really does need her songs.” – The Telegraph

“The hype is justified – this new singer is the real deal.” – The Sunday Times

“She’s more than a new discovery…the best act we’ve heard in ages.” – The Guardian

“Clearly well on her way to stardom… Rumer is stunning.” – The Independent

The best new voice of the year – MOJO Magazine

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

brian dewitt's picture

I'm in!

torturegarden's picture

I'd like to win one. I'm not familiar with her music, but she looks cute.

robertaich's picture

...let's go!

malosuerte's picture

I am open to some new vinyl.

mraudioguru's picture

Rumer is terrific.  She has a wonderful voice.  One of my new favorite singers.

ChrisS's picture

Rumer has it...

piper's picture

Always game to listen to something new

Bigmule1972's picture

Thank you!

John G's picture

New music, great!

horaciojervis's picture


galacticz00's picture

Yes please

CarterB's picture

Pick me

CCFK's picture

Looks like an Astrud Gilberto LP cover, and that's not a bad thing...

Cam08529's picture

Good luck to me ;)

Mistermuse1's picture

Would love to hear this....

madoco's picture

I'll cry if i dont win!!!!

Zardoz's picture

Free music is always a great deal.

Paul Boudreau's picture

Thanks - I love Burt B.'s quote.

tnert's picture

Thank You

jamey_pearson's picture

Let's hear it Sarah!

orthobiz's picture

Please. I hope if I beg I will win rather than my typical post where I complain that I never win. Please.


Jody's picture

I'm not familiar with her music.

Michael T's picture

pretty please....count me in.  With sugar on top.

veaaesl123's picture

Sign me up!

Jeff Day's picture

Count me in!

Big Cap's picture


otaku2's picture

Who am I to argue with those endorsements?

jdmoviebuff's picture

awesome !!!


planarhead's picture

Count me in guys, thanks!

liuj88's picture

I want it.

John C Freeman's picture

Count me in.

Jim Tavegia's picture


Bigrasshopper's picture


Spin Lps's picture

I always enjoy listening to a great singer and hope I am a winner.  I shy away from Karaoke clubs as I don't want to listen to people who can't sing!

Doctor A's picture

I have this on CD but need the vinyl to really hear her properly. She sounds a lot like a fusion of Karen Carpenter and Dusty Springfield - wonderful!!!!

booboos's picture

New Voices

Puffer Belly's picture

I really like this singer, but only have CDs of her two albums.  Vinyl would be nice.

Findog3103's picture

Love it.

Mrpajamas's picture

Hot Tunes and a Voice!

Mr Pajamas

rudirudi's picture

Thanks Again!

Seadog709's picture

I might win!

Dpoggenburg's picture

I'm in!

Dpoggenburg's picture

Michael, on a different topic, has anyone complained that they are unable to enter text in the Comment box? I have only been able to post this message through a tricky workaround whereby
1) I pretype this message and copy the text
2) I enter the topic and click Preview
3) I have about 1 second window in which the Comment box is open, and then it turns grey and I cannot write in the box
4) In that 1 second window I have to try to paste the copied text and click Save
I’m using Windows Explorer 10, so my browser is current. I love this site, but this bug definitely precludes my participation. Thoughts from your webmaster?

jstro's picture

This lp sounds like a winner hope I am too thanks

JC1957's picture

Love to hear Rumer.

jeff0000's picture

Would definitely like to own a copy.

MartyTem's picture


jblackhall's picture

I love a good female vocalist

jmq's picture

I'll take a flyer on England's Newest Hit Maker...

sennj's picture

I'd love one, thanks.

beaur's picture

Could use this in my collection!!

mjohnson229's picture

I vant it.

sgibson389's picture

thanks for having this giveaway and sign me up please

jnani's picture

Good sounds sound good.

jjgr's picture

Sounds interesting.

bkerven's picture

Count me in! Great voice!

chasm31's picture

Yes please

kleinbje's picture

lets win

terrybbagit's picture

Count me in

leo-hifi's picture

Music, specially if it's good and free, is always a good thing.

liuj88's picture

I want it.

AnalogJ's picture

 Okay, count me in!

badboss429's picture

Thanks Mikey!

E.R.Price's picture count me in!

Stirrio's picture

I'd like to spin this one.

Stevieray's picture

Always looking for new artists these days -- good ones, anyway.

GFaulk's picture

Can't wait to hear this!

decameron's picture

I am in

wfkthree's picture

would love to have the vinyl!

Vik's picture

I would love to win!

anomaly7's picture

Sounds like Karen Carpenter? Reminds me of my first girlfriend. I'd love a copy-

donhan1's picture

Thanks for the chance.

TonyG's picture

Rumer is very, very good.  Big fan fo hers.

ebuzz's picture

Count me in....again!

tounsand's picture

Love to win this...

PotatoJunkie's picture

Have not listened to anything new for a while

tbromgard's picture

I love new music

Casey737's picture

for great new recordings.


Bix's picture

yes please

Mfalcon's picture

Wanna Hear It

timise's picture

This time for sure!

ptmconsulting's picture

She's also got another album from 2010 called "Seasons of my Soul". How do the two compare?

virtualbryan's picture

I'd love to get a copy of this,



jrhud's picture

You can never have too much vinyl!

vince's picture

Of Rumer's album.

Barr Plexico's picture

Enjoyed the review very much - now would really like to win the contest and give it a spin on my 401....

Thank you!

sonnenwender's picture

I am in

concerto12's picture

I might win.

Lifer's picture

Thanks for the chance.

lensimons's picture

...that I was going to win this LP. Normally I don't pay attention to rumors, but I kinda like this one.

audiot's picture

Yes, please!

chilli's picture

I'd love one.

mikeyt's picture

Not familiar with her music, so I'd love to give the LP a whirl.  

VinylBuck's picture

Always so nice to hear a new beautiful and soulful voice!

mikerr's picture

I have been aware of Rumer for several months now. Went crazy for her right off the bat. ... her other release is just as great tho a hint more mellow but it has some cool old covers. I would LOVE to have the Lp of this oooh yeah !

musicisideas_ky's picture

Based on your review, I think I would really enjoy this.

Travis Klersy's picture

Could be interesting.  I'll give it a few listens if you send me one.  

nelsonkiwi's picture

I'm always in the mood for new vinyl!

tbeavan's picture

I want one!

audiophile5000's picture

Count me in!

nogan's picture


RodMunch's picture


amsco15's picture

Always looking for new music.  Thanks.

grey17's picture

Count me in - Thanks

Matt M's picture

Me too. 

Trevor Gearhart's picture


cklinkha's picture


JRSBat's picture

Sounds like it will be a great album.

fredbro44's picture

I'm all in !

kronning's picture

Please randomly pick me.

Ddncons's picture

I love this album but only have the cd version. 

capdever's picture


tibblk's picture

shes awesome

podsds's picture

I might enjoy this.

Whell's picture

thanks for this opportunity

huntermark's picture

Why not?

SET Man's picture


 Well, I can't say no to that. Would love to have a copy , hope I'll win this one. 

Lukish's picture

That I might win some Rumer vinyl, but not by Fleetwood Mac!

howardk's picture

I definitely want this!

vinyl listener's picture

... the mehness that is duffy, adele, winehouse et al...

thequietman's picture

What a voice! I'll take one.

Jeffrey Lee's picture

And I want her record.

spinner4729's picture

lucky.  Please enter me.  Thanks!

Vinylghost's picture

No reason for you chaps to enter, as I have already won.

TinoC's picture

Maybe this time I will win.

randybass's picture

Here's my entry.  Probably won't win even with the better odds, but what the heck.  Dice roll please.

hrlaser's picture

I'd like to win her record.. if she's getting all those rave reviews, I'm in.. and Thanks for the opportunity.. smiley (not meaning to sound sexist in any way, but she's a living doll!.. love those bangs heart

lonndoggie's picture

Yes Please!


TMiller's picture

I'm in.

nolan909's picture

Yes Please!

sboone's picture

Would love to hear it!

Glotz's picture

I wonder if Mikey still gets high and rocks out upon occasion... 

(I wouldn't insinuate you would toke up in your listening room... 'OCD on the lp' I'm sure...)

batman44's picture

   I went to you tube for a taste, and she's wonderful...

criswood1's picture


floweringtoilet's picture

Would love to hear it, I've heard good things about her, but have yet to hear her music.

dickyaa's picture

I wanna hear it

stretch35's picture

I have a copy, but would be happy to pass along

Brown Sound's picture

I'm in, Mikey!

CharmCity's picture

Impetus for some hardware resurrection; could be a good thing. #ducking

Analogpat's picture

This got me to sign up.  Haven't heard the young lady but she sounds right up my alley.

2_channel_ears's picture

I'll cry if I don't win.

ibanez_ax's picture

Sure, put my name in the hat.

lawn_wrangler's picture

My daughter was just telling me I don't listen to enough music by women.

sculptor's picture

Rumer has it...Seriously though, I've heard a few of her impressive performances. It's not just that rumor has it, it's Rumer who has it going on!

LanceLong's picture

I'll win eventually.

clchev's picture

Hope this is a winner!