Jasper and her Spin-Clean

Raising your kids right requires teaching them good habits at a young age. On their path to adulthood, they learn the importance of routine and instill those good habits that just grazed over their heads in their younger years. It seems John R. Comstock of Loxley, Alabama is doing it right.

Here is young Jasper Comstock with John's brand new Spin-Clean Complete Record Washer System Mk.II he won in our recent sweepstakes. John says, "She's going to learn all about vinyl, from Elvis to Jack White." Jasper will be digging the blues and learning to how to clean records. She's a young audiophile in the making.

Thanks for your participation John! You're doing it right. And ROOOOOOOOOLLLL TIDE!

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You can never learn too early how to take care of and respect things...vinyl being one of them. She's a cuttie. 

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   Did you have to drive a DeLorean up to 88 MPH  to deliver that back in 2007? Anyway, just kidding. Lucky girl with a dad with record collection.

 Enjoy guys.

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Thanks for the responses.  

Time travel isn't perfected yet.