Music Hall MMF-7.1 Turntable With Cartridge Plus Set-Up Tools and Vinyl From Music Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win a Music Hall MMF-7.1 Turntable With Cartridge Plus Set-Up Tools and Vinyl From Music Direct (MSRP $1,700) we are giving away.

According to Music Direct:

All the Analog Planet readers should know Roy Hall of Music Hall Audio. His “Manufacturer’s Comments” in Stereophile are legendary. While Roy may like to give reviewers a hard time, he sure does know a few things about designing fantastic sounding turntables. The MMF-7.1 is Music Direct Best-Seller and a favorite among vinyl lovers and the high-end audio community. This turntable comes complete with an outboard motor to keep vibration at bay, a double plinth design to further isolate the delicate stylus/record interface, a heavily upgraded tonearm, a great Music Hall Mojo cartridge (built by Ortofon), and even includes a discover for protection. To get you up and running immediately, Music Direct will also provide some set-up tools and some great new vinyl. And if you ever run into Mr. Hall, offer to buy him a Scotch and tell him how much you love his turntable. .

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

Moko's picture

Oh.....Yes Please to one of these.

Fingers crossed


Changue's picture

Does it have a brightness control? I could turn it up and use it as a lamp!

TMink's picture

To upgrade my Rega! Does it come in lime green????



Rommark Manlimos's picture

Me too, pick me please!

MRycko's picture

Looks like a great player. Would love to win.

Martin's picture

I'm in. Would be a great spare or traveling turntable.

krell's picture

Would love this one... :)

SpotcheckBilly's picture

.... if I win.

Paul Boudreau's picture

...or is that schweet?

Frankf9's picture

I could use one of these.  

Kevin's picture

Looks nice.  I would enjoy this system.

Mistermuse1's picture

Would love to try this!

kenrothman's picture

convince me that this beats my 1200 :)

Devil Doc's picture

Free is good.


Curt's picture

What a nice opportunity.

horaciojervis's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.

jimel84's picture

Music in the Hall would be nice.

selimsivad's picture

Hope I win this!

spin33.3's picture

bhutton13's picture

Hope I Win!

MikeT's picture

This would work nicely. thanks.

NRVinyl82's picture

This would be an amazing addition to my growing vinyl addiction!

madoco's picture

MMF-7.1= Music Mania Forever, Hope I Win

scotthoch's picture

Would be an excellent upgrade to my listening room!

rischa's picture

Please enter me in the sweepstakes!

conjotter's picture

Hot looking turntable. Love to add it to my system!

Casey737's picture

Always willing to accept an upgrade to my system.

randybass's picture

Oh, sorry.  I'd just like to win this TT!!!

Cavedude13's picture

I love my Music Hall DAC...This would make a great addition to the rig!surprise

twoengine's picture

Please let me win!

Pure_Brew's picture

What an upgrade this would be from my '76 Technics!

mssisem's picture

I'll take it

Mercury's picture

Hi there,


Look's to sweet to stay in the States, let me win it :O)


Best regards Asger

Travis Klersy's picture

I've only got one TT.  I need a second at least.  

JC1957's picture

Then look no further.

malosuerte's picture

is a comment

figaro's picture

Please pick me

Henry Please's picture

as long as it's not profane or spam.  

ShermanE's picture

I'll take 2.

tparker14's picture

I'm in!

stewart0722's picture

I will "use" this table to spin my analog goodness.......

jfreeny5's picture

Hope to win this!

torturegarden's picture

I currently have a MMF 5SE which I love. This would be a nice upgrade.

calmaronmusic's picture

Beautiful turntable - crossing fingers here...

ishmael's picture

I'm in

himynameisjuan's picture

Just got a mmf-2.2, but I wouldn't mind offloading it to a friend or using it as a spare.

Good luck to all!

Bruce K. Carter's picture

I am sure it sounds as good as it looks.

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Doctor A's picture

I've been digitizing some of my old vinyl @ 24 bit/192 khz. using an old optonica from the 70's with an Ortofon 2M Blue.  This would be a very nice upgrade from the direct drive turntable and should provide even better sound than what I'm already using. Thanks for the opportunity to register for this table.

vinyljunky1's picture

I'm Dreamin' , hope I win. my tape deck sucks!

thatbobfella's picture

Sure would be nice to have a tt again....

Mrs. Peel's picture

Would make a good companion to my Music Hall integrated amplifier.

TheBottomline's picture

You have to be in it, to win it.

MacKat's picture

It'd be very cool to have one of these!

Cam08529's picture

Roy rocks 

deckeda's picture

Unresisting posting here. Hoping to feel like Bob Marley did.

matt79rome89's picture

Fingers crossed...

John G's picture

This would be a great setup for my daughter who's grown up listening to vinyl.

jeffrosen's picture

Would be real nice to win one of these

sonnenwender's picture

Would love to find out if it is better than my Rega

Box860's picture

Looks lovely.  I wonder how it compares to my Clearaudio Emotion CMB.

mikeyt's picture

Yes, please!

audio3000's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Deano's picture

Count me in. Loves me some rekkids!

napunch's picture

Sure would be a fine thing to win.

tornabene's picture

Come to Papa!

bcarroll's picture

Mine Mine MINE!

HiFiMark's picture

Count Mark in

KPulling's picture

Why not, 

Purgerificus's picture

Purdy please?

BarakaPDub's picture

Thanks Music Direct for offering all of this great stuff.   It's great having your help to generate the interest in vinyl again.

mauidj's picture

This will make a great bedroom front end ;-) Aloha!

blankman2g's picture

This would be sweet!

only analog for me's picture

Will this be headed my direction? or will I yet again go down in flames, chained to a life of crappy frozen lifeless digital noise..... I'm getting  a headache!

Puffer Belly's picture

Mike Audio's picture


Without you life just ain't fun

Got no table to play my LPs

So they say I'm goin crazy by degrees

life could be sweeter with your awesome sound

So pack yerself up and come around

With you Life would be more fun

Yeah I'm talkin about you, MMF-7.1

ckm5's picture

It would be a such a blessing to enjoy the quality of the MMF-7.1  !!!



myheroiscoltrane's picture

But Mikey, what cartridge do you think mates best with this 'table?

moon unit's picture

Would love to play some vinyl on it.

upsetter801's picture

Count me in, please.

NeoSoulGroove's picture

Would be a great replacement for my current turntable!

Dizzy TurnTable's picture

Yes. Please.

Stirrio's picture

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recordhead's picture

Love to win this!!!

normp's picture

This will be a nice addition, please call to arrange shipping.

nogan's picture

I could sure use this.

KWarn's picture

Count me in. Pick me please!

Ajcrock's picture

Sign me up!!!!

Jim Tavegia's picture

If I win a bottle of GlenLivet goes to Roy Hall.  Is that bribery?  If so, I'll just keep it. Sorry Roy, but thanks for the opportunity to win a great TT. Insert Sam Tellig's evil laugh.  That gets Roy every time.  

jsdavies's picture

oh yes please!

innergroove16's picture

Another great contest!

jackhamm's picture

Please, please I could use a good turntable

contium's picture

How awesome would it be to win that instrument!

andryshak's picture

Ahhhh, the Music Hall MMF-7.1, I would just love to have this. I'm in...where do I sign?

mwaehner's picture

Count me in

Ptruce's picture

Feeling lucky ...

freejazz's picture

The only thing better than winning the table would be to have Roy Hall pen a rambling but erudite missive concerning how my background as an engineer deems me worthy to be granted such a gift, but the contents of my recorded music collection renders me a suspect recipient.

Findog3103's picture

Please I need a new turntable. 

emhans's picture

What a wonderful sweepstakes. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

mrclnglr's picture

Very cool package.

donhan1's picture

Thanks for the chance.  I'm to poor to every buy one.

mikerr's picture

I dream of owning a table as beautiful as this...

Spwill's picture

I could use another tt. Hope I win!

terry48's picture

That is a fine turntable that would be very happy living in my system; and I would be happy if it were living there.

Spin Lps's picture

The great analog contest prizes just keep coming. Now if I can just win one of them!

flyboy's picture

Please enter me in your contest.  This turntable would be a great addition to my system!

thequietman's picture

Sign me up for NJ 

Danacruz's picture

I could really use that rig.

timise's picture


donA's picture

I have some vinyl wanting to take a spin on this table. I hear them crying out.

mjohnson229's picture

Would look great next to my Pro-Ject.

cobra_verde's picture

cds rule!

Jim Tavegia's picture

MMF= Make Money Fast

christpher.reid's picture

I want this- and would be proud to have this on my shelf.


Lets hope the winner of this decides to use it- unlike the VPI


unionista's picture

That TT is sweet. It's on my short list of TTs under consideration. That is a gorgeous carbon-fiber tonearm! There is not much room for inovation in TT design while, at the same time, keeping to a reasonable price point but somehow, Music Hall found a way.

craw787's picture

I'll hump everything if I win.

mfant's picture

Would love one of these. What a great product! 

floweringtoilet's picture

Would love to give this a good home.

Hector's picture

I own a Music Hall 5.1 and it's fantastic and all, but, a 7.1...well that'd be nice.

jcsouthgate123's picture



jcsouthgate123's picture

PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zardoz's picture

Thanks to Music Hall, Music Direct, and Analog Planet for spreading the world of vinyl.

jgossman's picture

ets sessy.

Malcolm02's picture

Haven't played vinyl for a long time, but this may change my mind.

collinrobinson's picture

Hello, please put in my name for this beautiful turntable! Thanks!




lipso's picture

what a nice piece

Cassius's picture

She would a table of her own cheeky

Cardinals's picture

That is pretty, best of luck to everybody.

bkelley3rd's picture

I have a perfect spot for this turntable.

otaku2's picture

So is this thing actually better than my Philips 312 and Grado XC+?

booboos's picture

We would enjoy this - enjoy reading your site

Barr Plexico's picture

Pick me! Pick me! Please end my losing streak.


AnalogRules's picture

What a beauty! I remember when this first model came out and I wanted one then. I'd LOVE TO OWN THIS!!!!!!!

unclebill's picture

I never WIN! But you still have to try.

firthy's picture

Owner of an upgraded MMF-5.1 here, but would love an MMF-7.1 just the same!

VagabondJ's picture

... I hope to win one of these contests. This would be a good place to start!

SET Man's picture


Again, I'm in! Thanks

dschian's picture


ohnofiasco's picture

Count me in!

eldos's picture

This wonderful turntable would be loved and well-cared for in my home.

anomaly7's picture

Wow. How good would this be to listen to in my own home after a Scotch or two?

submaster's picture

Would be perfect in my system!  

Hackmartian's picture

No? How about now?

Beav7's picture


Westrell's picture

I have a Music Hall Dac....time for a table!

msamji's picture

would love to have this as a second TT in my home. Please please pick me :-)

jonsvinyl's picture

I still don't have an analog rig . . . 

chipridd's picture

Please sign me up !!

grandtatty's picture

Have purchased a mmf-2.1 & a 5.1 from music direct in the past, is the 7.1 in my future? Fingers croosed!

rudirudi's picture

Have a system just waiting for this.