Rega RP1 Turntable and the Rega Fono Mini A2D USB Phono Preamplifier From Music Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win a Rega RP1 Turntable and the Rega Fono Mini A2D USB Phono Preamplifier from Music Direct (MSRP $620) we are giving away.

Get spinning vinyl in style with the Rega RP-1 turntable and the Rega Fono Mini A2D USB Phonostage. According to Music Direct, "this complete analog package gives you everything you need to play your records and transfer them into your computer."

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To enter the sweepstakes, all you need is an account on If you don't already have one, click on the link labeled "register" at the bottom of this announcement or "Create new account" in the right column. Then, enter a username and a valid e-mail address, and click on the "Create new account" button. A message will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified, which will include a link to activate the account.

You can enter once on No more than one entry allowed.

The final step (and only step for those who already have an account) is to log in and leave a comment right here on this announcement—any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam. Then, when the sweepstakes closes, a lucky commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize. So post a comment, and good luck!

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

HiFiMark's picture

Well, OK, pick me, for my daughter.  It's for her, a newcomer to the wonderful world of analog...

Letitroll98's picture

Yes, I need one more Rega in my collection.

evergreenrob's picture

This is my favorite Band.

toneychoi's picture

Feeling lucky

flatmap's picture

New site looks nice; adding to my favorites, now.

trhee's picture

I love Rega~~~

o153n's picture

The Rega is a beautiful TT.  It would look really nice next to my Bottlehead Crack amplifier!

myrecordplayer's picture

This would make a very nice father's day present!   

ktchoo's picture

Vinyl Long Live and continue to stay alive

ktchoo's picture

Vinyl Long Live and continue to stay alive

malosuerte's picture

Stay vinyl!

emhans's picture

Winning this would put a smile on my face for months.

Vinylghost's picture

Haven't had a working turntable in over 20 years.  I need the gear if only for the vinyl releases from Third Man Records.

guitarist9273's picture

I've never had any turntables or analog equipment. Poor student thing. But, I'd love to!!! :)

lewisleong's picture

I wonder how these new Regas stack up against my Technics!

lewisleong's picture

I wonder how these new Regas stack up against my Technics!

Audionewb's picture

I got to demo one of these not long ago and was very impressed. Did not have the money to buy it but it would be amazing to win one!

saintdon's picture

would love to play some vinyl that i havn't heard in years, i bet this Rega combo would be magic to my ears. 

mbhangui's picture

This will be a wonderful addition to my AKAI AP002 (1976) turntable which I acquired just 4 months back.

Analog rocks!!

Mercury's picture

Hi Michael,

Congratulations to your new site.

Now yhat you have your own "playground" all for yourselve to play on and all of us analog afficionados to look at, maybe it's time to look at some serious gear from litle


Denmark.....        Gryphon Legato Legacy   -v-   Vitus MP-P201      ......two big Danes.


Best regards from Copenhagen/Frederiksberg - Denmark

Asger Sigfusson

Travis Klersy's picture

Sixteen years of analog, and I've never owned a Rega.  A perfection introduction.

aopu.mohsin's picture

Good luck to me!

jeffrosen's picture

Count me in

wilsonr's picture

Very nice set up!   Good luck everyone!

seandsilva's picture

It would be UNBELIEVABLE if i was the lucky winner ! Its always been a dream to own a REGA TT!

fingers crossed! cool

himynameisjuan's picture

Man, this would be an awesome first turntable for me, plus it'd mean I'd have more money to spend on records and that's always a good thing.. cool

Shaizada's picture

And the Lucky Winner is.....

mfant's picture


I'm very excited that your new site is up. I was always a reader of all your other work (and a viewer of interviews as well) and appreciate the passion you put into good audio quality--even in this digital age. I'm looking forward to all the new things that will be on the website and hope to refer friends here often. Thanks! 

TerryWI's picture

My teen son has set up a 2 channel system from my "spare parts" this past year, but needs a turntable to dive in to my album collection.  This would work fine...

bprochford's picture

This one's been on my list anyway, so a win would be nice.

popluhv's picture

ooh ooh ooh!

jlandreth's picture

I'd love to add this to my system.I'm looking forward to keeping up with Analog Planet.Good-luck Mikey! 

timosmith's picture

this would be great!

deckeda's picture

[Proverbial hat tossed into virtual ring.]

AVnerdguy's picture

I like the new page. Have it in my favorites now.

Slee ZZ's picture

I'm excited about the new website.  And, of course, a chance to win a Rega turntable.

mpbrog61's picture

A worthwhile addition to audio websites. I have already bookmarked this site.

rbasich's picture

This makes a nice quality combination to transfer music from analog records to portable digital formats.  Rega equipment is well-designed and known for producing terrific sound at a fair price. 

It would be wonderful to win this!

Good luck to all that enter the contest.

Ddncons's picture

This would be an excellent introduction to vinyl for my daughter!

roscoeiii's picture

Crossing my fingers and looking forward to many great reviews here.

nstarin's picture

Need a new rig.

johnjlo's picture

Great site! How to go Mikey!

Henry Please's picture

Already learning a lot seaching the archives.  Looking forward to learning much more.    

PierreC's picture

I need a new table my misson 775 is making strange sounds

SpeakerScott's picture

And I'd like to win a record player to enrich my life. ;-)


donunus's picture

Oh my, this would be perfect for all my unplayed records!

scud80's picture

this would be nice to replace my $30 craigslist table.

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! MIne!

drumlaw's picture

Raising kids and paying for college not condusive to buying a great Rega table.  Hope I get lucky here.  My collection I started in the 60's would sound great on this!!

cardinal1979's picture win this stuff!

Bromo33333's picture

Put this in my favorites - I will be a regular visitor!

Would love the TT - looks like a reasonably complete setup to get stepdaughter fully initiated into the world of analog!

BigE's picture

Count me in on the drawing.  It will be interesting watching this site develop.  Thanks!

alan james's picture

Glad to see that MF will have his own presence here.  He has done everything possible to keep vinyl alive and kicking.  It has truly worked. The dream of making top notch vinyl in, of all places, Kansas, is alive.

ssorg's picture

good luck to me!!! 

Skyline's picture

Cool new site and what a nice little competition... It would be nice winning!!! Good luck with the site i look forward to many hours of exiting reading...

LousyTourist's picture

cool, when can I pick up my winnings?

akovo's picture

I'm in.

Pony Coyote's picture

I would love to win this!

kenbgray's picture

I've owned vinyl since 1964.  yup, I'm old.

msardo's picture

... for the new site and the opportunity to win this turntable! :-)

rollo5's picture

Give me dat gear!

matthra's picture

Looking forward to reading and listening

Uncle Bob's picture

Great idea and great way to grow our obsession, erm, hobby! Would love to slot the Rega combo into my vintage Sansui/Pioneer system - what a little gem. Congratulations on the site Mikey and get ready for a barrage of questions from newbies like me!

kkwhit's picture

Would make a nice addition

jimhb's picture

Love the site! I would also love to win this!

Martin's picture

Would be a nice present for a friend of mine with records but no turntable :-)

neogeo's picture

I have never heard a record player, but now would be a great time to start.

fritz's picture

Very nice!  Would love to get this into my system!

tparker14's picture

Great way for my kids to get into vinyl without screwing with MY turntable! ;)

fdroadrunner's picture

The site is great.  I enjoyed MusicAngle a lot, but the layout here is better.  I look forward to checking this site out often.

This turntable would be a great update from the one I'm now using and would love to add it to my system.  And if you're ever in Nebraska, I'll even let you stop by for a listen.

napunch's picture

And a very nice present for my girlfriend that would be!

rischa's picture

I love the site, and would love to win the sweepstakes!

Capa's picture


innergroove16's picture

awesome contest!

morserotonin's picture

Would be awesome to win!

sonnenwender's picture

Looks like a Good beginner's Set

Hayduke's picture



Sweet lil second system

GFaulk's picture

The Rega will make an excellent first prize. However, Michael should offer his Continuum Audio Labs Caliburn with Cobra arm as a second prize.

Travis's picture

This would be a nice upgrade from my meh table :)

Lutta_Matt's picture

This is a great way to start a new site.

alan james's picture

At the end of my school year (Math) I teach a digital audio class and in it we compare the "sound" of various bit rates and we also compare all of those up to 24/96 to that of vinyl using records from the 60's to current ones of 180 gram virgin vinyl to let them hear what the possibilities can be. The RP-1 would be a nice addition and allow clean needle-drops in class.

Ohjoy50's picture

Rega is the best little turntable, honestly would love to give this as a gift to my son for his first turntable.  Good luck to everyone.  But its Mine !! lol


scratchyvinyl's picture

Here's my entry. Thanks!

mikeyt's picture

Yes, please!!

Darrell Woods 69's picture

I am entering LP playback (analog)I need a serious quality analog

Theaetetus's picture

...she's got over 300 albums she hasn't listened to in over ten years!

jamesh810's picture

This is a good website.  I could use a new TT!

jacobsaudio's picture

black beauty . i want her

stevo's picture

Eyeing the RP1 for a while....but can't quite justify with the misses. Free would work, though. Good site. by the way.

GreekSheik's picture

Great contest and a great website

The Great Artiste's picture

It'd be great to replace the old BSR TT I bought on craigslist last year.

Vinyl_4_Ever's picture

Love the new website!

Doctor A's picture

I'd love to give this to my daughter to introduce her to listening to vinyl rather than low-quality mp3's and aac's.

sonicfruits's picture


370lbgorilla's picture

It would be cool to have another turntable to go along with my vintage Dual DD. 

tcreery's picture

This page is now one of my favorites, long live vinyl.

alxjalmeida's picture

Fantastic site! Thanks for keeping accurate and artistic music reproduction in people's minds in the midst of all this "noise" we hear on the pop scene these days!

mikeydevod's picture

Iv'e been away from vinyl for awhile but this sure would help me jump back in!

Layums's picture

This will be ideal, I can have one table to listen. And the other for the dog, his taste is a bit different to mine. Also those paws tend to scratch the vinyl so getting them to digital will be perfect. Save a few who done it arguments. 

soundcents's picture

Over the last 2 years I have built a system that I am very happy with. The only thing I am mising is a good turntable and phono preamp.... how perfect!

shaksfan's picture

Thanks. Great new site!!

karlrborne's picture

cat fur bounces right off of that turntable.

Tlaloc's picture

This would bring great joy to my little brother and my parents.  My father has been aching for vinyl gear but just can't put up the money right now.  Rega is a great company and I'd be thrilled to give him such a quality setup!

lawn_wrangler's picture

a new table, thanks

x2turbo's picture

Leggo my eggo

jeremyquam's picture

It would be fun to play with this beautiful machine

davidmreyes77's picture

My name is David. I live to win!

Fevernova's picture

As a new vinyl convert, just started in January of this year, this site should be a great resource for me.  Added to my favorites.

Oliver A.'s picture

Yes please, I'll take it. Thank You.

CT0wens's picture

Enough said...

robwazzo's picture

Love to have it, and I will give it to my daughter!

carlosesteva's picture

We needed a site like this. Keep it growing Mickey

jeffh's picture

I really need this!!!


sennj's picture

Would like to see how this compares to my mid-eighties P3!

marcosmv's picture

Pick me!

Leroy's picture

Let the Rega be the golden ticket to the darkside of the melody!

K.Reid's picture

Rega rules at budget friendly prices.

roman's picture

Looks like it`s gonna be a great site!




Enelson71's picture

Would love this!

mssisem's picture

Love to have this table!

lenbell's picture

I got my love of vinyl from my father's massive record collection in the early seventies.  Very interested in the Rega RP 1

Superfuzz's picture

I've got the site bookmarked! Will check regularly.

cl8baller's picture

I know I'm new here but this would be something great to start me off with.

sigmund's picture

It would be great to play Mccartney's Ram mono album I just got.

zoldar's picture

This would do very well indeed! Great site, finally a haven for us analogue-philes!

solasan's picture

a shot.

KWarn's picture

I've always wanted a rega...pick me!

willdao's picture

All my vinyl is staring at me, bemused, at my lack of ability to play any of it...

mharmatuk22's picture

I would love to get started with this 

caffeinefreedavid02's picture

This would be a great place for me to start. I have been watching this video and dreaming some day I will have something like one of these guys. Look for Geek Audiophile on youtube.

ZombieFish's picture

And thanks!

doublea71's picture

It looks quite nice and I'd love to take care of this for awhile...

DearlyDemented's picture

I was going through my super long list of bookmarks and I stumbled upon this site update. Super cool.

red5jm's picture

Would love to have a rega turntable!

vozhyk87's picture

will gladly accept!

Jaycan's picture

I already own the P9, RB1000, n Exact, as well as BAT pream n phonostage, this would make an awesome gift for my brother to rescue him from the land of digital heresy!

beverett's picture

What a great offer! I would love to be considered for the products. 

ohsoklepto's picture

I'm new to vinyl, but would love to get started with this and some nice tube amps. 

lipso's picture

Old tt broke, so just need new on!

Theoretician's picture

... but just haven't pulled the trigger. This would be awesome!

spinner81's picture

I need to be rescued from a 31 year old Technics turntable!

ondesmartenot's picture

spin the black circle!

PotatoJunkie's picture

Always wanted a Rega....

revmaynard814's picture

My poor old Dual just isn't what it once was. This turntable would make my LP's happy smiley!

symbolic's picture

. . . under the sign of techno-lumino-kinetic space and total spatio-dynamic theatre!

stereoman66's picture

One of my kids would get the RP1 and i could use the phono stage to make copies for the car. Digital has its place...

raschol64's picture

Rega is tops; sign me up.

raschol64's picture

Rega is tops; sign me up.

thequietman's picture

I want that analog magic

spensom's picture

I'd love to be entered.  Great new site.