Spin-Clean Complete Record Washer System Mk2 from Music Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win a Spin-Clean Complete Record Washer System Mk2 from Music Direct (MSRP $125.00) we are giving away.

According to Music Direct:

Music Direct is proud to offer the Analog Planet readers a chance to win one of the best-value record cleaning systems ever devised. In fact, the Spin-Clean is the most effective and least expensive record cleaning kit Music Direct has ever offered. The Spin-Clean gets records clean, is easy to use and doesn't cost a fortune. Spin-Clean brushes scrub both sides of the record simultaneously, as rollers in the tank keep records safe from damage. The fluid pulls dirt off the record and down to the bottom of the tank. Quick, easy! Music Direct is giving away the deluxe Complete Kit which includes: Record Washer and Lid, 4 oz. bottle of Record Cleaning Concentrate, 32 oz. bottle of Record Cleaning Concentrate, 2 pair of Washer Brushes, 1 pair of Washer Rollers, 7 washable Drying Cloths and Easy To Follow Instructions. Read more about the product here.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.}

mneitzel's picture

I want!   But either way, this site rocks!

aldo's picture

Wow, I need one of these pretty badly!

WaxtotheMax's picture

Count me in!!

TexDave1212's picture

This would be nice to have, put it to good use!

torturegarden's picture

I have some records that need cleaning. I hope I win.

Teekoh's picture

Spin-Clean! pick me pick me!

stretch35's picture

Would be cool to add spin-clean to my growing arsenal of cleaning devices. thanks

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jq4ap's picture

This will be great for cleaning lots of records at once.

jq4ap's picture

This will be great for cleaning lots of records at once.

Seadog709's picture

Clean me up!

TerryWI's picture

Ok...this is the one.

Paul Boudreau's picture

"...the Spin-Clean is the most effective...record cleaning kit Music Direct has ever offered."

Stirrio's picture

and my records do, too. No idea if this'll help the first part, but I imagine my records will be happy.

greatgreyowl's picture

Lot's of records to clean.

mikerr's picture

Discwasher has always been my fave, but I've wanted to try one of these for many years.

I hope this will finally be my chance.  Thanks~

Zardoz's picture

give away. Michael you and your site Rock!!!


Trevor Gearhart's picture

I could use that

spin33.3's picture

...to me

SecondMouse's picture

This would be very helpful.

Moko's picture

This would be perfect in resurecting some of my old well loved LP's

marcel_kyrie's picture

I would certainly put it to good use!

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cobra_verde's picture

My turn.

lucky's picture

My vintage collection of Wang Chung imports is in serious need to cleaning.

donhan1's picture

Thanks for the chance.

I have dirty vinyl.

wendellkb's picture

I need clean records!

alan shulman's picture

I'm in

malosuerte's picture


i use it for used albums before my nitty gritty.


Thanks for the great site Mikey.

hishou's picture

My OCD tendencies are screaming for one of these!!! Thanks :)

mraudioguru's picture

Sign me up.

Casey737's picture

Well, not really. But it will help me clean my precious vinyl so that's a good thing.



mdm08033's picture

I am in.  Thank you for the chance.

mikeyt's picture

Yes, please!

aero9k's picture

I'm a very dirty audiophile and need to clean up my act!

Cardinals's picture

Looks great, thanks for the contest!

neogeo's picture

I could really use one.

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Mrs. Peel's picture

Would be a nice complement to my VPI.

dconsmack's picture

I'd like to win this contest. I like clean records.

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TheBottomline's picture

Winning is always nice!

only analog for me's picture

Great! now I can spin my troubles away...

jayhawk_91's picture

I was going to buy one, but this would be so much better

dschian's picture

"Win this!" they cry.

Bacchus's picture

Been wanting to try one of these! 

liuj88's picture

I want this.

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SuperRu's picture


tedonald's picture

Looks great! Count me in!

piper's picture

Thank you for the chance

iyke's picture

Don't  own any cleaning accesory for my records; I need this!

tbonespop's picture

Yes!  I've got dirty vinyl and it needs the love.

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otaku2's picture

... to keep my stylus from looking like Mikey's.

booboos's picture

Spin Me.

madoco's picture

dont have a good record cleaning system sure could use this one, and thanks for all the great work!!!!

kozakjj's picture

I'm in also

kozakjj's picture

I'm in also

matthra's picture

Please ...

Supperconductor's picture

I need to clean my LPs. 

orthobiz's picture

to win something for a change.



tbeavan's picture

And my old original Discwasher D4 is not getting any newer!

jmq's picture

Fingers crossed!

2_channel_ears's picture

Anyway I want it.

Vinylghost's picture

Some of my Elvis records needs cleaning.  

G.R.Noakes's picture

...I was just on MusicDirect (and Amazon, and Audio Advisor...) looking at the Spin-Clean, reading up on it, getting some details. It's definately on my list of what I need to order to get my vinyl back in shape. It's been untouched for several years.

And how soon will Mikey be offering his setup DVD as a prize?


Puffer Belly's picture

I have a Spin Clean, but it's wearing out and I could use another.

Jody's picture

Count me in!

Jim Tavegia's picture

Everyone needs a Spin-Clean.

DocSamG's picture

Interessting product.  Would love to try it.

bkelley3rd's picture

My Collection is looking for a BATH!!!! 


Please come my way.

kdart91's picture

thanks for the reviews!

gak27's picture

Count me in on the drawing!

jrhud's picture

Need to clean some vinyl.

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

MikeT's picture

This would be a great thing to have. Thanks.

batman44's picture

To clean up my act.

lawn_wrangler's picture

I really need this!

jstro's picture

Looking forward to trying this cleaning system 

Big Cap's picture

The folks' Elvis and Anne Murray records need a good scrubbin' before they find their new home.

NRVinyl82's picture

Boss. Count me in on that.

mwaehner's picture

I want that

Travis Whitaker's picture

Neat, I could use one of those.

ypsi-slim's picture

I'm in - thanks.  I really could use this.

john.tracy's picture

Sign me up!

Markhh2's picture

My growing record collection needs a good cleaning. Love the site. 

patrick50's picture

Of course I want it!!! What's not to like?

martinjohnbutler's picture

I just got my first turntable since 1985, so I bought an Audioquest cleaning brush with their cleaning solution, thinking I'll only need to clean one record at a time. Now that I've listened to a few records, I'll definitely need a way to clean a lot more than one at a time. Sometimes too much of a good thing is even better, I'm lovin' it !

Martin John Butler


martinjohnbutler's picture

I just got my first turntable since 1985, so I bought an Audioquest cleaning brush with their cleaning solution, thinking I'll only need to clean one record at a time. Now that I've listened to a few records, I'll definitely need a way to clean a lot more than one at a time. Sometimes too much of a good thing is even better, I'm lovin' it !

Martin John Butler


trahretxed's picture

I have always wanted to try one of these out.

Joel47's picture

I could use one.

Steelhead's picture

Nice prize, and glad to enter and have a shot.

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proth57@gmail.com's picture

I love Martha Quinn!

agentgreen's picture


eliotone@earthlink.net's picture

Looks good!

Goochified1's picture

For no other reason than "I never win anything." Otherwise, I don't deserve to win any more than anyone else... Except maybe my screen name is interesting?

egronenthal's picture

Very nice!

congamike's picture

I would love to win a Spin Clean machine.

lewmerk's picture

Just what I need to get back into vinyl!

stephsrecords's picture

system out.

flhpi96's picture

I could use this as my old Disc Washer System is over 40 years old, I don't know if you can even get the fluid for it any more. I have a large collection that could use some TLC.

CouryT's picture

This will make many 50-year-old records very happy.

jobman54's picture

perfect 4 me, simple and easy

nonmimeticform's picture

With a few ne additions to my system the Spin Clean will take it up to 11

l125255's picture

Clean is better than pops and clicks!

MrSethJM's picture

I'm very interested to see if this actually works better than my sink cleaning method! It would be hard to get them any cleaner since my method already is so effective--but my records are still not TOTALLY quiet, so who knows. In any case, the Spin Clean would be much more convenient, probably faster, and maybe less messy. Seems like a cool gadget.

mrrobivan's picture

I hope so!

HT Guy's picture

I own one of these and they are outstanding.  And yes it does reduce the background noise.  I have a friend without a LP cleaner and this would make a great gift.

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Blue Note's picture

like malosuerte, I use mine before my nitty gritty, i have a system of use that really works well....

silentdoug's picture

Vinyl cleanliness is next to vinyl godliness.

Thotfulspot's picture

Want to try one of these.

cement_head's picture

I could really use this...

MrRom92's picture

Of any cleaning method that doesn't involve thorough removal of the solution from the surface after cleaning. But maybe trying this out will make me a spin clean believer! I know I'm in the minority and people say it's effective.

Jawa's picture

This looks like it would be really useful.

larrylee13's picture

Have LOTS of old vinyl that could surely use a good cleaning!!

barryaz1's picture

Have to keep my vinyl clean

mstcraig's picture

Yes please!

nnck's picture

fingers crossed

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Hi my name is Frank and I have dirty records....

Lane_E's picture

This would be great.

Phil Sommers's picture

Thanks for the chance.

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CharmCity's picture

Rubber Ducky, you're the one,

You make bathtime lots of fun!

Rubber Ducky, I'm aw-ful-leee fond of you!

my new username's picture

or at least spun-clean

jfehr17's picture

Just looking at a vinyl cleaning system and this was in the budget.  To win it leaves room for the next "up grade".  I'm in too!

Domisgod's picture

But I like free!

garmando's picture

This would be excellent!

zaustin2's picture

This would allow me to buy some great GoodWill finds that I normally pass on because they look so dirty.

Jazzinfluenced's picture

On a beer budget... Please pick me...?

deepfriedchimichanga's picture

Count me in for this!  Love this website as well.

THirsch's picture

It's a great cleaning system! I've had my eye on one for a while, but things have been tight.

SWC's picture


danp's picture

Compared to how I clean records now, this would be a big improvement

Hayduke's picture



Nice unit!

tapehiss's picture

The Spin Clean would be a much needed and welcome upgrade!  Thank you for reading!

paxthomey's picture

My records are dirty!

gjrad's picture

A friend of mine has one of these and he says it works great.  Would love to have one of my own.

gjrad's picture

A friend of mine has one of these and he says it works great.  Would love to have one of my own.

AnalogJayhawk's picture


FunnyMoney's picture

I would love this. Great website!

gorkuz's picture


Mrpajamas's picture

All my vinyl is crying to be cleaned - Love to win a Spin!

anomaly7's picture

I could clean up my act with one of these!


Thanks again Michael-

RodMunch's picture

Entering Contest

Ramjet1804's picture

Count me in on this one toooooooo!

moog man's picture

So this would rock!

terrybbagit's picture

Would be nice to have one of these